Here's Your First Look At The Gex Trilogy

"Go to LRG for some GEX, baby"

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gold_drake31d ago

oooo i cant wait for it to finally come out

OtterX31d ago

I'm really glad they included the OG sidescroller and not just the 3D ones.

I had a friend who was the one person I ever met w a 3DO. OG Gex was the game I most enjoyed on it, so as soon as it later released on PS1, I bought it day 1. Loved the different theme worlds that Gex travels through, throughout the series.

I just hope this collection has a CRT mode bc these old 3D games looked better on one.

__y2jb31d ago

They were all awful when they originally came out.

TiredGamer31d ago

These all look like pixel-for-pixel ports/emulations.... no remastering or up-rendering, or anything?

I finished Enter the Gecko with 100% back in 1998..... even then it felt rough. Not exactly interested in a straight emulation without some basic cleanup and quality of life improvements (besides rewind and save states).


so why was this game missing from summer game fest? it could been part of any of the 4 main streams/shows


Gex Trilogy and Tomba! Announced for Modern Platforms

Limited Run Games announced Gex Trilogy and Tomba! are coming to modern platforms.

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closed_account376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

Omg. YES!

Someone was just calling for a Gex remake here on N4G recently, which I was 100% in support of. I didn't think it would happen so soon! I wish I could remember who said that... I think they knew something! 😆

***Edit --- Oooh, It's not a remake. I read more on their Carbon Engine. It's just an emulation. That's cool too, but I'm slightly let down.

Majin-vegeta376d ago

So we got Gex,Tomba & Croc coming back for platformers resurgence is in full swing

Christopher375d ago

The highs and lows of your comment, I felt it. Maybe if there's enough interest in the ports we can get new games or remasters?

chicken_in_the_corn376d ago

Great news. I've wanted to get Tomba for a while but it's so expensive. Hope 2 isn't far away.

-Gespenst-376d ago

My heart stopped when I saw "Tomba! Announced" in the news. Then I read the surrounding words and felt slightly disappointed. Still, Whoopee Camp is active again, so the more Tomba-boosting the better. A new Tomba game would literally be a dream come true for me. I really hope that this is a stepping stone to that.

shinoff2183376d ago

Thought I commented lol. Ummmm, hell yea to both and physical. Fk yea. I'm especially interested in Tomba but I'd like to get both. I used to buy lrg games since they came out with Saturday morning rpg and oddworld new and tasty. It's been a minute since I bought from them. I will be buying these. Wish their forum was still around.

-Foxtrot376d ago


Limited Run have gone to shit these days after they were bought BUT it means there will probably be some collectors editions for this and the other games announced.

Gex, Tomba, Castlevania Advance Collection, Gargoyles Remastered, Jurassic Park, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition, Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution to name a few announced.

You can usually find some decent ones every now and then, hopefully they come with some steelbooks.

shinoff2183376d ago

Rollercoaster tycoon 3 in console?

Limited run games was bought?

Wtf is going on. It's been a minute.

Christopher375d ago

Sit down, you're but going to like this.

They were bought by Embracer Group. They're gobbling up more and more of the industry because SA is acting like Tencent.

shinoff2183375d ago


Damn. Tbh though. I checked out the site and seen alot more pre order games then there used to be. I actually like that. That was one thing some of us on the forum complained about. Hot releases being smaller then probably needed. I know I'd rather pre order tomba then have a chance for 1 of the 5k or whatever.

Side note. Why tf can't they do something similar with Alan wake 2. Create a cheap site for a pre order have us pay for it and bam we get our physical. They don't lose any money and games ain't sitting on store shelves.

darthv72375d ago

I liked em better when they took digital only games and made them physical. Now they are glorified bootleggers making high priced reproductions of things that already had physical retail releases.

This sort of thing used to be frowned upon in gaming. Now everyone just accepts it.

shinoff2183375d ago

You could say that but I'll pay lrg price for Tomba on a new system rather the ebay price on a ps1.

-Foxtrot375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

I hate it but some games I never owned anyway physical wise so as long as the collectors edition is good, and I mean stuff I’d like to have then I don’t mind

However 80% of the stuff they put out now is just shit, like games where you haven’t even heard of them…super niche. Not good digital only games in need of a physical release.

Also like Shinoff has said above Tombas prices on eBay are insane