Does The Xbox Series S Still Make Sense In 2024?

The Xbox Series S falls short of matching its superior counterpart in terms of performance; however, is it worth purchasing in 2024?

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RpgSama33d ago

It did not make sense at the time of launch, it makes even less sense now.

AsimLionheart32d ago

Remember when Xbox fans claimed, it was all about "sliders" and Series S won't hold back games? How wrong they were. MS ended up handicapping a whole generation of games with their Series S decision.

peppeaccardo32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I do not own a MS product in years, but in my modest opinion "it does make sense for the majority of Xbox customers who purchased it as a mean to enter in the next gen phase of video games evolution BUT it doesn't make sense for the industry as a whole as it is holding back its revolution" ... that's all.

Abear2132d ago

If you’re on a budget it saves dollars and that makes sense

Chocoburger32d ago

"on a budget" and "next generation gaming" don't go together. If you can't afford a PS5 (staring at $400 USD), a Series X (starting at $500 USD), or a modern PC, then don't worry about next gen gaming, play on older systems. PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, 360, XBO, XBOX, NSW, you have plenty of options.

Or just save up your money, you don't need gaming immediately, its a luxury.

ABizzel132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Regardless if it matters are not, the reality is according to sales charts / rumors it is the better selling of the two consoles, and as a result it has placed MS in a place where they are missing games altogether due to developers realizing their games will likely sell significantly better on PlayStation.

I don’t think people really see how bad it is for Xbox consoles currently.

It’s been 3 1/2 years and they’re somewhere floating around 28.5 million consoles sold, and last year they didn’t even break 8m sold for the year. This year is even worse than 2023 so far as they’re struggling to sell over 200k console per month GLOBALLY. To put that into perspective if they keep this same pace by November 2024 WHICH WILL BE 4 YEARS ON THE MARKET they will finally cross the 30 million mark. Meanwhile, the original Xbox which has been looked at as a SALES failure sold 25 million units during the same time frame. Not to mention all of this is happening with the Series X and S still seeing sale prices as low as holiday 2023. If anything the Series S has been a saving grace for their sales numbers, accounting for 20 million compared to the Series X 10 million by holiday 2024.

I don’t think the Series S was a complete mistake, the problem is MS skimped on too many key components like the cutting the GPU back way too much to the point it was behind even the Xbox One X in many ares, as well as cutting the amount of RAM and memory bandwidth to fit a $249 price point. It’s a lesson learned, but it’s also paints the picture that Xbox’s “core audience” (the Series X owners) has shrunk so much from the Original Xbox -> 360 -> even XBO, that it doesn’t make business sense to invest in a high-end console when the hardware sales don’t justify the investment.

“The Xbox Brand” that people loved during the 360 era is dead, and now it’s the GamePass company ran by Microsoft.
*They should just focus on a $299 console that runs a Window Kernel, has mass appeal and capable enough hardware (unlike the Series S)
*A possible $199 mobile option for streaming GamePass on the go
*A $20 - $50 plug-and play GamePass streaming stick (GamePass, Netflix, Hulu, etc…)
*And getting GamePass on as many platforms as possible (PlayStation, Nintendo, TVs, Mobile App Stores, etc…)

SonyStyled32d ago

They aren’t taking in new customers and their user base declining now. The series S was a great attempt to create new Xbox customers. It did what it needed to do for it’s time

Zeref32d ago

This same console lets people play Starfield at 120fps and in the future GTA 6. It's only 300 dollars and you can get a used one for half that price. It makes plenty of sense.

Vits32d ago

I mean, it’s not a completely weird strategy when you take into consideration that the best-selling console is often the weakest. In the last three generations, the only time the most powerful base console took the lead was with the PS4, and that is only true if we consider the Switch to be "next-gen." Before that, both the GameCube and Xbox lost to the weaker PS2, and the PS3 and Xbox 360 got their asses handed to them by the Wii.

The issue with the Series S is not the power; it’s the library. Microsoft simply did not support their consoles this generation with interesting software, and that is what made the difference for those other winners at the end of the day.

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Deeeeznuuuts33d ago

Not at all and was a mistake from the get go, it's holding developers back and that's never a good thing and will only get worse, I understand why Microsoft did it, don't get me wrong but overall just wasn't worth it, especially now late on in the generation where were seeing more and more developers speaking out about it, such as Kingdom come and black myth, that's also just two that have publicly spoke out about it, wonder how many more devs behind closed doora aee not happy

Jin_Sakai33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

It never made sense. Series S was a mistake.

hollabox32d ago

The specs were too different. If it had 12 gigs of ram and something like 8 TFLOPS with 320 GBS of bandwidth with everything else being the same? Then yeah, the XBSS would have made sense as a companion console with the XSX. You get a GPU that's about a quarter more powerful than the XB1X GPU and a much better CPU for the time. When I saw the specs, I said oh, this is a problem. Morons like Dealer and Colt beat the table talking about sliders and the lowest platform being PC. They sounded like complete idiots not understanding PC lowest end specs shifts every year upwards. They spoke about features they didn't understand besides reading of a spec sheet. They pushed hard for Lockheart and 1440P 60, when crap hit the fan one went complete radio silenced, others jumped to Playstation. Others continued to shill for MS as long as they continued receiving special invites and early release copies of games.

BlackCountryBob33d ago

The series S isn’t anywhere near as powerful, but it is very well priced, readily available and has I believe massively outsold the series x. Perhaps the biggest question is given Microsoft want people to join Gamepass as the recurring subscription is their main priority, does the expensive and under utilised series X make sense in 2024 when many players have shown they are price sensitive and happy with Series S / SteamDeck graphical features?

arm7117433d ago

Very good argument if the sales depict that. I think their best bet is to not focus on the hardware after this generation with the sales of Nintendo and Sony consoles seemingly dominating them in sales. Instead focus on the publishing side and get the games they release from all the studios they purchased on all platforms instead of releasing these big expensive games to a pultry console user base. They can't rely on Xbox and PC game sales alone when the hardware just isn't moving. If they continue that they will be closing more studios. The worst decision they made is thinking GamePass was going to do what Netflix did to the movie industry. What a terrible strategy... It literally has made me stop purchasing games on Xbox and that loss in revenue for game studios is just horrible. It's a business and GamePass was a ridiculous attempt to fix the Xbox One fail. Unfortunately it's almost as bad as the Xbox One marketing strategically.

BlackCountryBob33d ago

I’m a PlayStation guy but I do appreciate the value that GamePass offers, but it doesn’t make financial sense to me for every new release to go on there, even Disney Plus charged an extra fee for people to watch Black Widow in the beginning before making it part of the subscription later on.

That said, the biggest barrier to any game subscription service being viable is that many of the most successful and most played games are free. A fairly large number of gamers don’t buy or subscribe to games but play Fortnite, Minecraft, PUBG, Warzone etc pretty much all the time, then there’s another group who exist in one annual game like FIFA, Madden, COD / Battlefield, F1 etc so even if you think of 100m console owners, in reality only maybe a half or less are actually buying games regularly which massively limits the potential from selling a console at a loss with the hope for games / subscriptions to make the loss back over time.

GamingSinceForever33d ago

So wait did the X suddenly surpass the S in sales?