Family Author Says Games "Nefarious"

Popular syndicated newspaper columnist John Rosemond, a specialist in child-rearing and family psychology, has turned his attention on "nefarious" games consoles.

"Take that nefarious device and toss it. Make the Xbox disappear, permanently."

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Yo Wassap4284d ago

He's of that generation, a full on luddite. I just hope i don't turn out to be like that in future years.

The great 14284d ago

What a joke, some punk a*s phycologist telleing people what to do, i don't trust them as far as i can throw them, it's the easiest degree in the world 2 get, hell i think 50% of the people i know have a degree in phycology, fully graduated with houners at 24 and haven't ever experienced things like depression or ever actualy held a job and yet there taking a gap year out of studying to climb mountains in the south American jungle lol, then come back to some job they think they know about, but have no experience what so ever in lol makes me laugh, phycologists= greedy money grabbers = can't hold a real job = fairy bullsh1t, anyone agree?