2K Hints that Jayson Tatum is the NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete

Fresh off his first NBA championship, Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics may be adding another accomplishment to his resumé – NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete.

PhillyDonJawn30d ago

He aint got finals mvp to his name tho

smolinsk30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

He'll get that Next season I'm sure. The amount of pressure on Tatum for so many years and still so young. He took all the attention so Jalen could do what he did.
Now he can relax and just play. It's gonna elevate him to new heights.

Outside_ofthe_Box30d ago

Lucky the Knicks were not fully healthy.

DefenderOfDoom230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I was hoping that the Knicks and Celtics would face each other in playoffs this year .. Maybe next year.

smolinsk30d ago

Well deserved. Celtic took them all out East and West. Absolut dominated every time this season

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NBA 2K25 on Next Gen / New-Gen Confirmed

It’s been confirmed – NBA 2K25 PC is finally upgrading to the new-gen / next-gen version of the game.

MeatyUrologist11d ago

Up next mlb the show! Let's see some post 2012 visuals this year!


NBA 2K25 Releases on Sept. 6, Cover Athletes are Jayson Tatum, Vince Carter, & A’ja Wilson

BA 2K25 will be released on September 6, 2024 and your NBA 2K25 Cover Athletes are Jayson Tatum, Vince Carter, & A'ja Wilson.


WNBA Takes Center Stage: A'ja Wilson Co-Headlines Historic NBA 2K25 Cover

With NBA 2K25 we see the debut of the first NBA and WNBA dual global covers across Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

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Valkyrye12d ago

Someone who is better than you at life.

HollowIchigo2512d ago

you feel really insecure calling her better at life than him. here is a fact: majority of NBA male fans don't know much about WNBA except for the angel reese and caitlin clark because they don't leave sportcenter. other players? nope, I can't even name 3 WNBA teams.

Inverno11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

There's over 8 billion people on this earth. These athletes/celebrities are irrelevant and their fame/importance is only perceived only by those who know of em already. No one's better than anyone at life, because death awaits us all.

Gamingsince198112d ago

She is one of those WNBA players costing the NBA millions a year because it doesn't make any money at all yet the players feel they should be paid the same as the NBA players.

anast11d ago

A quick check on ESPN shows that she's the WNBA's top scorer. She's averaging 26 points a game.

anast11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Now they can add a salon next to the barber shop and up those microtransactions. I bet each eyelash will cost $10.

neomahi11d ago

What group of women are buying sports titles for women? In wrestling games, guys buy them, create female wrestlers, and play as them because they can make them wear as little as possible and the women doll up..... In basketball they don't, it's all the opposite and men don't want to see women in this. I don't think women are buying basketball or sports games period except for their husbands or kids..... I dont know why.

If it's such a big deal, why arent they making softball games with all women teams? Because it won't sell! Because women don't buy sports games. It's a woke move. I hate the way the industry has been going and it's this console generation that's had me the least excited or anticipating upcoming games. Its pathetic. Logic went out the window a long time ago

Gabrielmpf11d ago

You hit the nail on the head. There's only one reason they're doing it, and we all know why... It's pathetic how this society is becoming.