Xbox Series Records Lowest Ever Sales in France Among Microsoft Consoles

AI Review writes: "The Xbox Series has been underperforming in France, registering the lowest sales figures among all the Microsoft consoles over the first four years of their respective lifespans."

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purple10126d ago

Xbox thinking they have a chance at being competitive

ThinkThink26d ago

Well, they aren't giving up so buckle in, buddy.

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AsimLionheart26d ago

Xbox is over. Microsoft are just too embarrassed to exit the market but they know it's over for the Xbox console. That is why they turned towards Gamepass and going multiplatform. The only reason they are still around is all that Microsoft money. Any other company would have exited the market a long time ago.

OlderGamer1726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

You need to think, ThinkThink it is realy over, the PS 5 is outselling the both versions of the Xbox for years in Europe, its almost 4 to 1 for the PS5.. and now they are porting Xbox exclusive games to the PS5....But keep in denail.....

Cacabunga25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I was actually wondering something : did they announce any special edition xsx since it came out ?? I don’t think they even bother anymore..

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Lightning7726d ago ShowReplies(5)
Aloymetal26d ago

They're lucky momma Window$ still making some cakes but eventually that oven will shut down lol and I can't wait!!

Chevalier26d ago

Funny Lightning says everyone was saying it for 10 year. Well Gamepass didn't exist then. Now it does and between conditioning people to not buy games there's going to be less games developed for Xbox too.




OlderGamer1726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Aloy did you not get the message? MS not the richest company anymore The investments in publishers for Xbox and the bad sales and the to slow grow of GamePass is hurting. The richest company is the USA is...Nvdia😏

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Zeref26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

If you're talking about console wars. That's been over for a while. We're in a different era now. It's all about acquiring users now and less about selling consoles. And Xbox has already surpassed Sony when it comes to that.

If anyone thought that Xbox is gonna disappear like some have been desperately hoping for. Well that's never happening.
They're far from done. As you might have seen from the Xbox Showcase.

It's far more likely we'll see Playstation or Nintendo getting acquired by Google or Facebook than Xbox leaving gaming.

derek26d ago

@Zeref, oh yeah Nintendo/playstation being acquired by Google is more likely, lol. The xbox showcase was about games/gamepass which does not require hardware. Not saying their departure from hardware is immenent, but it makes way more sense for them then the scenario you suggested is more likely.

ThinkThink26d ago

I can see amazon or apple partnering with or acquiring the Playstation brand. Sony will need to partner up with someone.

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AsimLionheart26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The rules of the game do not change just because you lost by existing rules. The era is the same at its core as it ever was. You convince customers to buy your console. You then sell software for that console and make money. The model has been working fine for both Nintendo and Sony for over 30 years. Each Sony console except the PS3 has sold over 100 million consoles by the end of its respective generation. Nintendo just recently sold over 100 million Switch consoles. Both have sold billions of dollars worth of software and are running profitably. MS failed to gain a stable foothold in the console market even after all these years so they are pretending that the era has changed and MAUs are the future. Just imagine a kid/team who started playing baseball with a rival team and kept losing despite all their resources and efforts. They get really frustrated so right when they are at the verge of defeat again, they pick up the ball and start running towards an imaginary goalpost post pretending that they need to score a goal to win instead of hitting a home run. MS is that losing team or kid looking to score a goal in a baseball match and claim victory.

@derek, thinkthink, zeref
I would love to hear from you guys on how you think acquisitions work and how Google, Apple, or Amazon will acquire Sony or Nintendo.

XiNatsuDragnel26d ago

Nii San man the show was good but it didn't xbox consoles so yes in a sense xbox is done but as a service or 3rd party publisher it's beginning

The Wood26d ago


These guys are displaying a whole heap of hope n cope. Always trying to rewrite the rulebook. Hilarious but I enjoy clown shows.

derek25d ago

@Asim, did you actually read my post? No you didn't.

romulus2325d ago

Oh ok so why is xbox bothering to spend millions on making a new console if its just about "acquiring users" now? FYI no one thought they'd disappear people thought they'd go third party publisher which looks to be the case and Spencer himself has validated. It's far more likely we will see xbox go entirely third party.

ThinkThink25d ago

I can see an deep Amazon partnership or acquisition of sony for future cloud expansion. I don't expect Google to try again. Apple is interesting too and could acquire sony for their movie rights and gaming division. I can see Google or MS partnering with Nintendo for streaming only should they end up venturing into that area. NVIDIA could shock us all and do something crazy, who knows.

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Demetrius26d ago

Lmao over 10:4 check the scene over, flatline? 🤣 just messing round but it's Microsoft own fault for not letting their studios put out games

seanpitt2325d ago

I think it might change when cod releases on game pass day one