Hyper Light Breaker Interview: It's Not a Sequel But It's Set In the Hyper Light Universe

The Nerd Stash: "During SGF 2024, The Nerd Stash conducted a sit-down interview with the Lead Producer of Hyper Light Breaker. Let's get into it!"

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Preview: Hyper Light Breaker | Console Creatures

Bobby writes, "Hyper Light Breaker is an exciting roguelike that's about to enter Early Access."

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Hyper Light Breaker | Summer Game Fest Trailer

Hyper Light Breaker – the highly-anticipated co-op rogue-lite adventure set in the beloved Hyper Light universe – launches into Steam Early Access later this summer! Enter the Overgrowth and catch the first glimpse of co-op in this Summer Game Fest Trailer.


The 3D co-op rogue-lite adventure “Hyper Light Breaker” is now coming to PC via Steam EA in 2024

"The Redwood City-based (CA, the US) video games publisher Gearbox Publishing and L.A.-based (the US) indie games developer Heart Machine, today announced that their 3D co-op rogue-lite adventure “Hyper Light Breaker”, is now coming to PC via Steam EA next year (2024) instead of this Fall (2023)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

SimpleSlave336d ago

Rogue-Lite adventure “Hyper Light Breaker”...Bummer. Thanks but thanks. Rogue-Lite and I don't mix whatsoever.

C'est la vie I guess.

TGG_overlord336d ago

Well...One can't like everything I suppose...