Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Is Now Highest Rated DLC, Overtaking Witcher 3

FromSoftware's Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is now the highest rated DLC ever, overtaking The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion.

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Goodguy0123d ago

The dlc offers 20-40 hours equalling to past entries of first time gameplay for $40 and even more time if you want to be a completionist. I rarely buy expansions and this'll be my first one I buy without a bundle for a fromsoft game, can't wait.

GaboonViper23d ago

Well deserved, now how about Bloodborne 2...


Yet still on PC the framerate is locked at 60fps unless you use the fps unlocker https://github.com/uberhali... I mean WTF is wrong with these devs, the PC is not a console and in 2024 all games on PC should have the framerate unlocked. And with the DLC the devs still didn't remove the cap, which is their job not some mod to do it, what imbeciles. I wouldn't take it for free which you can, hard pass.

Angyobangyo22d ago

Those "imbeciles" have the DLC sitting at 93% on PC. PC has a mod for uncapped frames, get over it!


That's the devs job. No I'm not using a mod that should have been uncapped at the start. Console fine not PC and I would tell those devs off in person if I had the chance. I think I will torrent and seed out of spite.🤣


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2d ago
coolbeans1d 14h ago

I'm always suspicious of high Destiny/Destiny 2 scores, given the final result I've played. I mean, it's great if The Final Shape actually *shapes* up to be a fitting and resounding conclusion for fans, but it's amazing just how Bungie were able to drag their heels on this story for so long.

Markdn1d 13h ago

I've enjoyed it all the way. Couldn't disagree more. Yes they had a few misteps but it's been a great journey