Assassin's Creed Shadows' Spy Network is Just What the Franchise's Stealth Needs

Assassin's Creed Shadows is introducing a new Spy Network feature, and it could offer something the franchise's stealth has been sorely missing.

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Japanese Govt Investigating Assassin's Creed Shadows For Altering History

The Japanese government has raised concerns about Assassin's Creed Shadows, pointing out inaccuracies in how Japanese history is depicted.

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DarXyde6d ago

So even Capcom thinks it's pointless. I hate Ubisoft, but I must agree.

Not just because it's a game and something loosely based on real world events and norms, but if the game gets banned in Japan as a result, that sets a very dark precedent. In the states, you've got lunatic weirdos like Dennis Prager helping to revise southern school curriculums that very much understate or omit things like the Trail of Tears. If the whole country adopted that curriculum due to enforcing national curriculum guidelines (which would be a likely consequence of this Project 2025 we hear about), well... Wouldn't historically accurate content be up for scrutiny and removal if it didn't match the narrative too? We know Ubisoft sucks at history, but banning the work would be a problem. Likewise, knowing actual history and banning it because it isn't what's taught would be even more problematic. The US already bans books from libraries and school curriculums.

If they just tell Ubisoft they don't know what they're talking about and roast them for not doing their homework, that's fine. But that really needs to be the extent of it.

The government weighing in and threatening to examine Yasuke "very closely" however tells me it's not going to be that innocuous.

TricksterArrow6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Plus, this makes no sense. It’s just fiction. I don’t turn to games for history classes or fidelity. I remember one citiscism towards Detroit: Become Human, a game that I genuinely liked a lot, was: “they did not accurately portrayed the struggles people of color and/or other minorities went through throughout history”. No shit it didn’t, it’s just a freaking game.

gerbintosh6d ago

Fallout 3 was forced to remove the nuclear blast option for Megaton by order of the Japanese government due to the sensitivities of Hiroshima.

Eonjay5d ago

This is actual censorship. Notwithstanding the fact that games are escapism to begin with and not bound by realism, do we really need to government tell companies what stores can and can't be told?

blacktiger5d ago

today's generation they do so there for warning should be set

Poesneus4g5d ago

Yes, it’s fiction. But it’s different for the Japanese. They are incredibly protective and proud of their culture and heritage. It’s sacred. And If you’re going to disrespect their culture like this game clearly is, obviously they will hit back.

Ubisoft knows what they’re doing, and I know what Ubisoft is doing. No use gaslighting people when it’s so clear what Ubisoft are trying to do

TricksterArrow5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


Not sure. I have seen several animes that depict the Edo era that revolve around demons, magic and ninjas and large breasted women with rainbow colored hairs. Some are downright comedies. Also, Black Samurai is something that exists for quite sometime and people never really cared. This honestly seems like someone trying to stir something.

PoisonShartFrog4h ago

So we should completely forget plot lines or descriptions of characters and just choose randomly because it’s fiction? Good story writing requires consistency and the ability to capture an audience. You lose the audience when you describe and show a fair skinned and red haired mermaid for 30 years and one day make her black. Just not good for business, culture, and creates a desire to segregate.

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360ICE6d ago

A key ingredient in any conservative project is to get people to forget what the past was really like

VariantAEC4d ago

"A key ingredient in any conservative project is to get people to forget what the past was really like[.]"

Otherwise known as... THE EXACT OPPOSITE of political conservatism, which aims to preserve the environment, life, culture, and history as well as the last well functioning means of governance.

360ICE3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

@VariantAEC Conservatives just aren't very good at living up to their stated values whether it's historical accuracy, "family values" or protecting people's lives or the environment. Modern-day conservatism is really only about protecting capital and the very rich, and everything else is just a bait-and-switch to convince anyone outside that small group of people to vote for them.

Cutting taxes, but only for the rich, and cutting life-saving regulations and programs that keep society working -- that's all they're good for.

Deathdeliverer5d ago

I’d hate to see what they think of the samurai warriors SERIES. Nobunaga and a ton of other mfs are in there doing wildly inaccurate stuff. And don’t get me started on the investigations that need to be launched into anime. Nobunaga, the Yagyu Jubei, and the whole damn Oda clan have been in every era countless times, not to mention time travelers altering the course of history. It’s FAR too many instances that apparently slid by unnoticed to say they are just worried about whatever excuse people can give it. A female samurai, not a kunoichi, and a black man as a damn samurai saving Japan is just too damn much. Call a spade a spade. Hell, she isn’t even getting any real heat. She’s a byproduct. If it were her and someone that looked like Brad Pitt playing her sidekick it wouldn’t have been a peep.

DarXyde5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


I don't disagree that there is a lot of sensitivity to this. In fact, that sensitivity is also apparent in the US: remember, you couldn't fly planes in GTA IV.

I fully support them hating this game, blasting it to pieces and dunking on Ubisoft. Fully respect that. Shame them as much as you want.

But it's the chance of it being banned that I take issue with.

The way I see it, the Japanese gov should inform the public about it and people in Japan just shouldn't buy it. Let Ubisoft know that their take on the culture isn't welcome. Not through enforcement, but a rejection from the Japanese people is far stronger. Then they can rationalize it by saying "the public would have loved it, but the gov couldn't stand a foreign made game on Japanese culture!" Suck any oxygen out of the potential excuses.

An American company made Ghost of Tsushima, and it's very widely respected. Because it cared about the culture and respected it.

Let it come out and when it flops, dunk on Ubisoft even harder.

Literally, the only issue anyone should have is a prospective ban, and that's because it sets an ugly precedent.

PoisonShartFrog4h ago

It’s very much a cultural molestation. They used to perform ceremonial suicide in an attempt to make up for whatever shame or disrespect but you’re surprised they’re insulted by a video game company shoehorning in a black guy who historically was essentially a sword caddy. I think you’re allowing your political bias to influence your stubbornness.

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Rainbowcookie6d ago

I'm not the biggest Ubisoft fan and I actually like Japan, but when I lived in the east , I actually found lots of racism there. Not towards me , but towards black people. Also towards people who look asian and western mixed even though they spoke perfect Japanese. I don't like how the Japanese government sweeps these things under the carpet an makes like they are so perfect even though they are a very productive and sorted country. Better than my own. I do find a sense of just ignoring certain things to appear perfect. Another example is Japan reporting almost a zero homeless % but you get people living on the streets. I know sometimes it's by choice and others not. The pay worth /scale has been stuck for some for decades. It will be interesting to see what happens after this. I mean its a game. The west have had many bad influences on the world forcing certain ideals on people and most the east at the time didn't seem to care or be influenced. This just seems like a western like censor of creativity. If i'm wrong I oppologise though. Maybe it's just to keep there culture untouched and protected, but yeah it's a game.

Huey_My_D_Long6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yeah, pretty much.
Like plenty of times the Japanese govt themselves ignore or deny historical facts about themselves.
Similar to how US States run their education programs with some being real particular about showing the nice parts and ignoring the negative bits like Tulsa Race Massacre

bababooiy6d ago

Ignoring our own history? You literally cant go anywhere anymore without being force fed anti white and anti US propaganda. Kids that cant even distinguish US troops actions from Russia sending 100k convicts into war to pillage like its the dark ages.

GamingSinceForever6d ago

@Bababooiy I bet you truly believe that America was discovered. No one ever lived here before Amerigo or Columbus came anywhere close. Columbus never even came to the U.S.

Huey_My_D_Long6d ago

Funny that you called ignored history anti us propaganda. Seem like you bought into propaganda alright. Force fed? yeah, ok buddy, yall are literally passing laws to control education across different states because it doesnt fit yall narrative. Florida has decimated black history courses in the state, texas is following right after....
free speech until yall dont like it right? all that talk about free speech on college campus? fucking gone when ceos are calling for protesters names so they can blacklist college kids...
Just more Anti American Propaganda I suppose.

VariantAEC4d ago

You mean how the conservatives are trying to bring the Ten Commandments into school? Yeah, that is dumb. Black studies was racist and revisionist, that is why it was shut down. Similar revisionist history was being pushed across the American Southwest claiming Mexicans built the US which was also shut down. Those curricula were designed explicitly to make black, Hispanic, and Latino students feel good about themselves while making white people out to be the bad guys in all situations. Before all this crap was started (like The 1619 Project) we learned about The Tulsa Race Riots in school. Today kids are taught that black Americans made all this great stuff somehow without the big bad white man knowing about it just to shut it down because of racism. Sorry to inform you, that is not what happened. An alleged rape by a black assailent was committed against a white girl that sparked the rioting which was carried out by the KKK. If you didn't learn about it... maybe that's because your teachers were raging Democrats who know the KKK was founded by the Democratic Party? There is no justification to destroy the neighborhood even if the rape did occur, but I learned about it in High School if you didn't it's probably because you are younger than me or lived in a super liberal place.

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gold_drake6d ago

you find racism everywhere.

japan is more xenophobic than racist from what i experienced
they are very much stuck in their traditions. which is odd cause they are so advanced in so many other things.

but, to counter your point, ghost of tsushima was developed by a western studio. and they loved it.

so this aint "western like censor of creativity" imo.
its more that Ubisoft is purposely choosing these things for faux inclusion and good press imo. woke as they call it.

fact is, that Yasuke was a real figure. wether or not he was a Samurai is highly debated. some say he was, some say he was not.

Ubisoft handles these sort of things very poorly imo.

rdgneoz36d ago

Even if it was just a title, Yasuke was a Samurai.

"Nobunaga was impressed by Yasuke and asked Valignano to give him over. He gave him the Japanese name Yasuke, accepted him as attendant at his side and made him the first recorded foreigner to receive the title of samurai. Yasuke served as a kind of bodyguard to Nobunaga, was granted the honor of being his sword-bearer, and was occasionally allowed to share meals with the warlord, a privilege extended to few other vassals."

gerbintosh6d ago

GOTS also coordinated with Japanese historical experts on their game. I doubt Ubisoft did the same

Zeref6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yasuke was a samurai. It's just a fact.

Just because some racists try to find imaginary loopholes doesn't mean we have to consider their opinion.

A Retainer is a Samurai . Even in One Piece retainers are considered Samurai.

VariantAEC4d ago

The Japanese apparently agreed to devalue their currency in the late 80s which bit them hard in the early 90s. The Americans made the offer to keep Japan from becoming a more wealthy world power than us in the US. We like to ignore our failings too. Face culture is not just an Asian phenomenon.

Hotpot6d ago

It's interesting to see how different the japanese reactions to the two foreign-made open world historical japan settings. Ghost of Tsushima developers were made ambassadors of the actual real life island I believe? While this one is.. well..

rdgneoz36d ago

Ghost devs never did huge drastic changes to history. Even Rise of the Ronin, they change some things by giving you choices, but you can't change history in the end for the game...

That being said, Ubisoft has been known to play with history throughout the Assassins series. Native American assassin killing British historical figures and hanging out with Benjamin Franklin? Surely tis historical fact...

Hotpot6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Well, I read some more and it wasn’t so much the story part that he protested but the way Ubisoft portrayed japan. Wrong flowers, wrong building interior and exterior, wrong armor, wrong flags, wrong way of sitting, and suspected AI generated images. It’s like the studio just asked chatGPT how japan looked like in that era instead of doing research with actual japan historian.

Idk about you but if they treat my country like that, that’s just plain rude man… add alien race and magical artifacts all you like but at least make sure the things that are supposed to be authentic stays authentic..

VariantAEC4d ago

When the Mongols invaded Tsushima Island the Samurai were wiped out completely. Ghost of Tsushima's story is a work of fiction and the thing is everyone knew it including all the people at PS in Japan. This was well known with Shuhei Yoshida actually interviewing Nate Fox about the story of the game. The reason PS were not challenged in Japan for GoT is because the game and it's fictional rendition of Tsushima Island were never considered historically accurate by Sucker Punch or PS. Ghost of Tsushima was a love letter to old Japanese cinematic story-telling... that's what it was sold on and why the Japanese adored it. It dodged the revisionist label by always being considered a work of fiction meant to evoke the style of films created and directed by Akira Kurosawa (the game even has a Kurosawa filter to mimick the look of B/W film of his era).