Black Ops 6 Forcing Always-Online To Minimize Size Doesn't Exactly Sound Convincing

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 plans to go always-online to minimize the file size, but the question is, is that really the only reason?

XiNatsuDragnel35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It's bs either way because go multiple discs, go f2p, or you know what Don't go always online.

gold_drake35d ago

the real question we should ask is, why is it so big?
is it bad optimisation?

cause warzone was also huge in filesize for no good reason.

Inverno33d ago

The problem, and personally I see it as a problem, is that devs refuse to make things like high rez textures and dubs an optional download. Since I've switched to DECK I've held back from buying or downloading any game that requires to download a full 60+ gigs. I still remember those BF3 update sizes on PS3, for content i wasn't going to even bother accessing.

gold_drake33d ago

i dont know if thats essentially more work than anyone wants to put in quite honestly.

isarai33d ago

They seem to just not bother with compression very much if at all, evident by the fact that nearly every other game out there has a smaller file size on PS5 using the Kraken compression system. But never COD

gold_drake33d ago

it is so odd ha.

who wants a 300gig game on their system ha let alone on pc.

Tankbusta4033d ago

The always online will be for ads. Its plain and simple...this is the first COD on gamepass so its no wonder that this version mysteriously needs an online connection for single player. One month after the game comes out the ads will start and they will be very intrusive...it has nothing to do with file size. The ads wont be in the review copies but they are coming

Inverno33d ago

for texture streaming? Just gimme lower Rez textures then.

MisterWoogie33d ago

Do people really still care about this 'always online' stuff?

ocelot0733d ago

As someone who had just a internet outage for a few days and only access to 4g on my phone.

If I had just spent £70 on a game that has a single player mode. I would fully expect to be able to access that single player mode while my internet is down.

MisterWoogie33d ago

You're right there mate. For single player campaigns I don't get why it can't be offline.

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Jingsing6d ago

is this the game that requires an online connection to stream textures to your console?

Eonjay5d ago

I would hope not. Why not just, you know, download the textures to the console itself.

Jingsing5d ago

Apparently it is this game. I guess they want next to 0 people buying COD these days.


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