The Top 10 Video Game Weapons

Almost every game has a weapons in it, because you need a way to kill enemies. But in some games, you'll come across weapons that are so ridiculous that you'll almost feel pity on the hopeless tools you'll be ripping through once you find them..... or not. Half the fun of these weapons is how the enemies will stand no chance against you once you find one, so without further adieu, the list!

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Bathyj4257d ago

While I was glad to see the Ceribrial Bore they miised alot of weapons that could have easily made the list.The Laptop Gun from Perfect Dark. Having your own sentry gun cover you is just too cool. Kratos's Blades of Chaos, c'mon have you ever seen a cooler looking set of weapons? How about 3 green shells in Mariokart 64 Battle Mode. Able to change a game in an instant. We had an unwritten rule that it was bad form to take 3 ballons in a row of someone. People would sulk. The Gravity Gun from Halflife 2. The railGun spike thingy from FEAR. Doom, supershotty. Still a classic. The most useful weapon/item in Tenchu, the poison riceballs.And how can you not love the versility of Sam Fishers BullPup. Cams, shockers, gas. By the 4th game the granade launcher even fired granades but you didn't use them much. I like the silenced gun in Farcry too. I like being sneaky so a bit of the game you could do in 2 minutes running straight it firing would take me half an hour sneaking from bush to bush taking guards out quietly with a barely auditible single headshot.

InMyOpinion4257d ago

Big stuffed bear, Double Chainsaw, Mannequin etc etc. - Dead Rising

BFG 9000, Double barrel shotgun - Doom / Doom 2

Gasoline can with matches - Postal 2

Spring and paint can - Spy vs Spy (C-64)

Hayabusa 1174257d ago

Sadly, it seems the criteria for this selection of weapons is how powerful they are, which is a shame, because the weapons I like the most are the ones that simply feel (or look) awesome. Vigoorian Flails from Ninja Gaiden...almost every weapon in Halo CE...the Scarab Gun in Halo 2...the escavation drill in Dead Rising...Ivy's whip/sword from Soul Calibre...the mining drill from Ranger X...Tsuma's Blades from Otogi 2...your car in Burnout...