Astro Bot beats Doom as the No.1 wishlisted game of the summer games showcases

Astro Bot is the winner of the summer games showcases (so far), with the most wishlists of all the games shown and announced over the past two weeks.

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LG_Fox_Brazil26d ago

So good to see a platformer get some love, it brings that 90's feel that I sometimes miss

Jin_Sakai26d ago

Seriously who the heck disagreed with you? Astro Bot is a breath of fresh air in and industry ruled by crappy GaaS games.

Cacabunga26d ago

Obscure and all his accounts..

Only improveent i hope to see is more depth in the levels.. the first one was a free game and maybe why levels were super short, but i truly hope this one is longer

SonyStyled26d ago

I would just like a new Jak and Daxter. It’s been boa noite for almost 20yrs. I’ll never give up hope

outsider162426d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Add in Sly Cooper too

shinoff218326d ago

It's even more impressive that it's console exclusive and doing more

just_looken26d ago

For me its good to see a kids game out there we need more knack/lbp/battle stars on playstation this fills that hole

The price im iffy on we will see though.

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Sonyslave326d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Lol it beat doom on ign playlist wishlist but the most watch game , astro bot not evening on the list smh.

S2Killinit26d ago

Imagine how good Astrobot must be.

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StormSnooper25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Isn’t doom on PlayStation?

Edit: yeah it is.

Glad Astrobot is kicking butt!

Fishy Fingers26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Gaming is for everyone so each to their own.

But this feels like PS fans trying to find the best of bad bunch after a poor showcase and nothing else 'Sony' to wishlist. Had there been a new GOW trailer, or something from Naugty Dog, Sony Bend (basically anyone) I feel Astro wouldnt be getting the attention.

But again, each to their own but I'll take Doom thank you.

LoveSpuds26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Reckon you are completely ignoring the popularity of Astrobot following the genius move by Playstation, of packing Astrobot Playroom in with PS5.

Universally praised by reviewers and loved by gamers and adored by Sony fans due to the way it celebrated the great history of the brand.

It was a huge win for Sony and left fans begging for another, 'full fat' Astrobot game. The hype is far, far from fake!

BTW, I'll take Doom too, it's not a binary choice!

Fishy Fingers26d ago

Like I said, each to their own. I played the baked in original. Was cool throw back to the likes of Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

But will say, ive not seen anyone "begging" for another. If I looked through your comments have you even mentioned it in the last 3+ years? Be honest, probably not.

Omegasyde26d ago


Astrobot on PSVR1 was a great game too.

Sorta bummed there is no PSVR2 planned for this.

fr0sty26d ago

Astrobot on PSVR was a better game than the PS5 pack-in was. I've been begging for another one since. I too was bummed that no PSVR2 support was mentioned, but I haven't lost hope that it will be cross compatible with PSVR2.

shinoff218326d ago

Idk astro would've been wanted either way.

romulus2326d ago

What it feels like is PS fans being excited for a game that looks incredibly fun and nostalgic and it doesn't require a bunch of "had there beens" from people who hate to see PS fans excited about anything. You enjoy Doom.

fr0sty26d ago

That's the thing, PS fans will enjoy Doom as well. Only one group is sour about any of it.

CrimsonWing6926d ago

I mean, I’m sure the game is good, but…

MrBaskerville26d ago

If this is all platforms combined, then it's kinda impressive.

TwoPicklesGood26d ago

It only beat Doom on IGN playlist which is a joke.

MrBaskerville26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Ah, yeah then it doesn't say a lot.

Technically I could see it outselling Doom, just because it has broader appeal. But doubt the IP holds as much weight as a Nintendo platformer.

But I hope it will do excedingly well, Sony needs that message.

fr0sty26d ago

It easily has all the quality of any Nintendo platformer, dare I say it is even more innovative in some ways, even if it lacks the name recognition.

StormSnooper25d ago

Astrobot PSVR1 was better than any platformer. It was a Mario 3D moment for gaming platformers.