January Xbox 360 sales hit 294,000

Microsoft sold 294,000 Xbox 360 video game consoles in January, a company executive said on Tuesday, citing preliminary research data. That is nearly 18 percent higher than the 250,000 units sold in the same month a year earlier, according to Molly O'Donnell, group manager for Microsoft's entertainment and devices division that oversees the Xbox 360.

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PS360PCROCKS4284d ago

Sounds good but I'd like to see a PS3 sales chart for a comparison to see just how good this is

FeralPhoenix4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

but its not too bad either, I guess right after Christmas you shouldn't expect a whole lot....actually just being conservative I don't think you will see "huge" sales numbers from 360 in any month because quite frankly it has some good next gen competition. Well either way I do think with all the great releases coming in 2007, M$ should be able to easily avg 300,000 console a month, then maybe 1 to 1.5 mil over the 2007 holidays with the help of Halo3 of course....I guess conservatively speaking they could be easily at 15-17 mil. around January 1st....maybe I'm crazy but I think M$ could live with that. Well whatever happens its going to be a great 2007, which is good news for us gamers.

eques judicii4284d ago

ok, i see some of you logic... but lets carry it through ok? if the xbox 360 sells 300,000 a month in america through october that would be 3 million in the US. If they sell the same number around the rest of the world, which seems to be the going rate. (so 300,000 throughout the rest of the world, japan+aus+europe+south africa+canada+mexico+south america) then by october they will sell around 5-6 million units around the globe.

Then if they sell 1 million/month between november and december in america (and likewise throughout the world) that would be another 4 million. That would bring them to about 9-10 on top of the current number, which they claim is 10.4 mill, but probably more like 9.5 million. This means that they could possible, under your logic, get to almost 20 million by the end of this year. I think that they would be very happy with that.

There are several games coming out this year that will spur purchases. firstly there is forza 2, the mass effect, then blue dragon, then of course, the holiday king, halo 3.... I think that the competition from the wii is good for the 360, and very shortly the two will be selling about the same number of consoles each month and it will be a great competition for market dominance, with no real winner.... however there will be a loser... and its name ends with a 3..

Bathyj4284d ago

I agree, about 15 - 17 million Xbox's but the end of the year. I dont think XB will do quite as well as it did the first year. Last year it was brand new, the latest thing, the first Next Gen released. This year it doesn't have the game all to itself. It actually has competition. The dirt cheap Wii, which is exceeding everyone expetations, for now at least, and the PS3 which sold only slightly less despite (as someone else pointed out in another thread) only being available in 2 regions, being more expensive and having hardly any games. It wouldn't surprise me as more games come out if PS3 sells 11 or 12 million its first year, or at least by the end of this year. If they do 6 million by June, July those numbers are definately on. BR taking off is only going to help and big hits are coming this year. Hell if HDDVD does die and BR really becomes popular who know what numbers PS3 could do. Plus I think people sometime overestimate the difference Halo3 may or may not make. Yeah its a huge game for M$ but remember there are only 20 million or so possible Halo fans, and half of them already have their XBoxes, so Halo is unlikely to sell 30 million consoles on its own. Just pointing that out. Games are like players on a team. No, one player wins the game all by themselves.

FirstknighT4284d ago

By comparison, the PS3 sold 244,000 units in the same period

UrbanJabroni4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

436,000 units for the Wii

The question becomes, when do we all start seeing the Wii as a _serious_ contender. While many think sales will slow, there is no sign of it, stores can't keep it on the shelves, and development costs are _much_ cheaper.

While I too often make the mistake of assuming it is Sony vs Microsoft, the fact is that Nintendo is really looking like a dominant company right now.

Xi4283d ago

A real contender because it's not in the same market as the 360 and ps3. The wii isn't the media hub that the ps3 and 360 claim to be. It's not the entertainment device, pc to tv connector, the game console, and the HD ready console of the future. Not to mention there's really inst that fear from the wii, the price point is the main factor. I personally think the wii is a more of a secondary console to the 360 or ps3 than a competeing one, and I think most people agree with that.

Bathyj4283d ago

The problem with Wii is the best game is already out. I didn't really want to get a Wii. I did want Zelda though. Now that the Zelda buzz has died down I'm left with another Gamecube and a controller which only suits game built for it. The only thing worth playing on Wii besides Zelda are VC games. When people realise that, thats when sales will slow and if you dont believe me, I bet for every 100 Wii's sold 99 copies of Zelda were sold also.

KingJames19064284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

I think in some of the numbers we are not adding in the all important price drop in 18-24 months of the systems lifecycle. Yes a price drop will spur a rush of buyers to the Xbox360. The real question is for how long will that be sustained (depending on how much of a price drop M$ offers.) Also, I'm a bit concerned about these rumors of a new sku. I have the 360 and I would be interested in getting the new one (putting my original 360 in my bedroom no HD though in that room.) But I'm not so sure how other consumers would take it. I think if they do introduce the new sku, they should remove the core altogether and stick with the premium and lower the premiums price 100 dollars/ pounds/ euros whatever. Than I think you will see more 360's being sold and could possible add 9 million more units sold to consumers NOT stores this year alone. That would really help to remove the word exclusive from the PS3 gamming community on next gen titles, but also the same could be said for the 360 depending on how the PS3 does this year.