Selaco preview - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "Based on the early access period, my recommendation comes with some reservations. The level design is quite obtuse, the weapon upgrade system needs heavy work, and requirements can be quite high for a game based on Doom engine code. Morally, the intense violence and the deceitful inclusion of transgender material at one point despite developer commentary claiming otherwise is regrettable. Otherwise, it's somewhat competent if still flawed, so you may wish to skip this or wait until it gets a lot more polished."

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Selaco Sets a New Standard for the FPS Genre | TechRaptor

The long-awaited FPS Selaco, running on the GZDoom engine, is finally out in Early Access, and it's even better than we thought.

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MrBaskerville39d ago

Can't wait to play it, but was a little bummed out when it turned out to be early access. I know there's an excessive amount of content, but would prefer to play it when it's finished. But will probably be a while

Yui_Suzumiya39d ago

Brilliant game. I've been enjoying the hell out of it.

GethN725d ago

I concur. While it's got a lot of rough edges, it can be polished into quite the jewel if the developer continues to improve it.


Selaco: An Upcoming Shooter That You Shouldn't Miss Out

Cola Powered Gamer writes: With no clear release date insight, you should definitely keep your eye on Selaco as it develops. The game will be released in three separate acts, with each of them giving hours of new content.

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