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NoobFeed editor Azfar Rayan writes - Alan Wake II: Night Springs isn't very substantial or long-lasting unless you're a huge fan of Alan Wake II. And the DLC ends with so many unanswered questions. Perhaps the second DLC will answer all these, but for now, unless you're a huge fan of Alan Wake, you won't find it satisfying. So far, I would recommend holding off till the second DLC drops unless you are an absolute Remedy fanatic.

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babadivad35d ago

Didn't even know this existed.

Jingsing35d ago

I'd ask Remedy to release Quantum Break again on all platforms with the FMV's included on disc. But we can't even trust them to do that especially with Microsoft's new multiplatform strategy.

Killer2020UK34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Shit take. These are self contained playful stories. There are no unanswered questions as it's not a continuation of the main story. Take it for what it is, fun, referential, experimental shorts.

DustMan34d ago

It's a good DLC that's worked into the game world. I'm enjoying it.


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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "A humble expansion showcasing a developer's unique style is flanked on two sides. To its left, the unnecessary publisher meddling of having to pay the upfront cost of a Deluxe Upgrade; to its right, a wave of new expansions to some of the most popular titles. What modest DLC could hope to argue its value against those gargantuan competitors? Like most things in life, it's about perspective. For despite its limits in total runtime, this adventure into a world of shadow and substance, of things and ideas, is stuffed with loony What If? scenarios that excite one's imagination. If accepting the tradeoff of creativity over longevity then pay the toll and cross into... Night Springs."

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FTLmaster11d ago

Was alright. Didn’t grab me as much as the main game tbh.

coolbeans11d ago

Same here. But there is something to a certain game or storytelling concept that pushes me to being more excited than I typically am. Even if they were silly distractions, the meta-commentary and genre shifts in the Time Breaker episode (along with the writing) were the perfect kind of Remedy goofiness. It's damn near impossible to think of another big-budget developer doing that sort of thing.


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Nairon from GL: "Anyone who goes into Night Springs expecting a direct continuation of Alan Wake II's story will be disappointed because that's not at all what this is."

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