There's No Place For AAA Exclusivity In Gaming Industry Anymore

Exclusivity is no longer the golden goose it used to be, making the multi-platform strategy way more appealing.

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Jin_Sakai27d ago

I disagree. Then we’d have one console rule them all with no competition.

-Foxtrot27d ago

No competition means no one will push themselves

Everything will feel super safe

AsimLionheart26d ago

Agreed. These articles are nothing but an attempt to pressure Sony PlayStation into committing seppuku by releasing their exclusives on Xbox. This is exactly what they did with all that crossplay pro-consumer propaganda campaign a few years back. And also tried when Xbox One announced DRM and always online. Why don't these journalists ever demand Nintendo to release their games on other platforms? That alone makes their malicious and dishonest intentions clear. Whenever MS manages to shoot themselves in the foot, they try to convince Sony to do it too just so the can absolve MS.

Cacabunga26d ago

Last gen there was no competition either and we got massive games on PS4

Jingsing25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

@AsimLionheart You nailed it. Unfortunately Sony has been walking into elephant traps for a while including their PC strategy. Me personally I've bought all PlayStation consoles but the PS5 I've only bought a handful of games for it compared to hundreds for each previous generation. That is a lot of money Sony lost from me as a customer while aggressively pursuing PC ports and Game Pass. I'm simply not going to fund exclusive games only for them to come to PC soon after with more features and to be pirated then for people on PC to not pay for PS+ multiplayer access either. In summary Sony have made an imbalance in their market which is taking their console users for idiots and I'm not falling for it.

I don't like Microsoft or Xbox and will never support them but my interest for Sony has started to go because of their half in and half out strategy. If you are going to fully support PC then don't be partial or vague about it. Many will stop buying your hardware and subscription services come next generation. It is simply cheaper to just pirate their games on PC, that is what happens when you don't protect paying customers. In the end I hope Sony will be happy with people leaving their consoles behind and Steam taking 30% from all their sales and the vast majority getting their games from torrent sites because expensive single player games just don't do the big numbers on PC. For those folks that are supportive of Sony's PC strategy because you don't care about consoles well you don't get those big subsidized polished games without that big console player money. If Sony continue to dilute themselves as platform holder they will have less money. You don't need a PhD in business and economics to tell you that platform holder is king.

CobraKai25d ago

Exactly. Competition is healthy. Sony felt safe with the PS3 and look how that affected them. Exclusives means devs will make better content for that particular console.

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StormSnooper26d ago

no exclusives means no competition to provide outstanding games. It means rehashed releases that will be up to a certain standard, and take no risks because no risks are necessary or justified.

It means, games pass, and services, and microtransactions, and parceled out gaming.

darthv7226d ago

There is not really a lot of differences in the platforms as it is. Except for Nintendo who is doing their thing in the hybrid market... both Ps and XB are virtually the same. Its like Toshiba vs Panasonic for VHS VCR... both played the same tapes but one had slightly better features when it came to recording settings. Then later it was DVD players and then bluray players. all of which can play the same stuff... what sets them apart is the brand, the price and the bells and whistles.

Competition is still there. In fact, most have more than one. Maybe more if there are more people in the house.

Cockney26d ago

Completely missing the point, the difference with videogames is there is a difference, games are the difference.
A whole paragraph to say nothing, thats quite an achievement

just_looken26d ago


True but xbox might not be around console wise next gen this gen they have shown 0 reason to buy there console so next gen going game only would be in there wheel house.

Nintendo just hangs out back with crap hardware but alot of sales.

Lightning7726d ago

Weird Sarah Bond said other wise at the showcase.

just_looken26d ago


They are tossing out new series consoles disc less versions at that they did not show off there next xbox consoles.

They would never say there done with consoles when tossing out a new model that would impact sales.

But saying its there last 2 years from now when the hype train is going for the ps6 would be the time that is just common sense.

When i said is true the only thing xbox console exclusive is there gamepass console games that is it everything else is on pc and or ps5

FinalFantasyFanatic26d ago

Nintendo survives on the strength of their first party titles, and I'm fine with that, they put out some great games. I just wish they weren't so stingy and didn't charge an arm and a leg for 5 year old games and ageing hardware.

thesoftware73025d ago (Edited 25d ago )


"xbox might not be around console wise next gen"

Huh? They already announced that new hardware is coming.

"Nintendo just hangs out back with crap hardware but alot of sales."

Nintendo games are what sells their consoles; they are not just hanging out; they are dominating in unit sales & game sales. The Icon on the cake is that Nintendo games are stellar and often review, sell, and live longer than anything from Sony or MS.

Your pure dilution of facts shows how ridiculous your comment is.

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neutralgamer199226d ago

When AAA games cost on average 150-200 million than there will be a lot less platform exclusives. In next 5 years many Xbox major brands will be playable on playstation and vice versa. These games are already getting released on Pc so what's another platform

Seriously some people need to get out of the console war mindset yo understand the reality of gaming buisnes in 2024 and moving forward. Spiderman 2 cost 300 million. GTA6 is rumored to cost half of billion. Halo infinite was 500 million

just_looken26d ago

That halo budget was for the slpspace engine for halo games that lasted one game then that team left lol what a dam waist.

They are also tossing a billion to gta6 even though in the trailer you can see gta 5 buildings/cars/people/signs/st ores/roads even the cars act the same was it to much to give us back gta 4 physics?

The game budget is going up but the game quality does not represent that at all

Again that gta 6 trailer no weather shown no smoke from the tires no ray tracing no proper shadows shit did not look like it was ready for 2026.

So that muliplat deal is not for the game budgets as the was not a issue in the older day's when halo had more bioms coop better mp with forge or when playstaion has more exclusive on ps3 than xbox almost beat Nintendo.

Its now all about making billions of dollars a race to the next trillion dollar company greed greed though m$ is already there.

FinalFantasyFanatic26d ago

Those Spiderman 2 development costs are so bloated, I honestly can't see where they spent the money, considering they're building upon the first game and can re-use a lot of assests.

tay870125d ago

PS will not be putting their games on xbox in the next 5 yrs, let alone "many major" games. They would be EXTREMELY lucky to even get a Gaas game. You are certainly not going to see games like Spiderman 3, last of us 3, or the next God of war on xbox.

crazyCoconuts25d ago

I don't think you understand the gaming business. Sony would be a fraction of it's size if all it did was sell games. The exclusive games are and always have been to keep customers glued to their PS platform. Putting then on Xbox is missing the point. They need their 30% and the monthly PS Essentials to stay in the game.
Only reason Xbox is shifting strategy is because they're losing more and more each year on the platform side.

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FinalFantasyFanatic26d ago

I couldn't agree more, exclusivity isn't the issue, otherwise no one would have a reason to buy consoles (it's the reason I've only bought a Switch this gen). Its developers not reigning in their costs, the expenditure is so great and sometimes it's hard to see where they spent the money. AAA gaming developer's bad practices are causing the issues.

just_looken26d ago

So dam true You think the law would step in soon show were its all going just like starwars needing over 80million for 40min episode.

Alot must be going to hookers/blow/shrooms then there pocket

TheEroica25d ago

Consoles are going to die. They're being kept alive by the older generations while the new generation is all about PC gaming. Stop thinking like it's 1992.... These companies have competing storefronts and services on top of first party games.... Plenty to compete over without having to drag people for another 500 dollar console that has 3 games worth of parity.

Selling consoles is not the future of determining who is "leading" the industry. The old model is dying.

tay870125d ago

Lol that's what MS wants everyone to think. If consoles are dying, why is the ps5 tracking better than than the ps4? Just because MS is getting outsold 5:1 doesn't mean consoles are dying, it means xboxs console business is dying.

TheEroica25d ago

Tay, you are soooo short sighted. Lol.... But you continue to do you. The writing is on the wall and this highly disappointing generation didn't help... So long consoles.... You'll be niche before long.

crazyCoconuts25d ago

Actually incorrect. A big survey just posted results. Older people are more likely to be playing mobile games. The youngest generation are the biggest consumers of consoles. Mobile is still a force of course, but consoles are being used more now than ever.

shinoff218325d ago

Your one of those people huh. You guys have been saying this type of stuff over and over again since ps2. Like sports journalists, maybe someday it'll be right and you can say see see I told you