Returning To The Series' Origins With Gears Of War E-Day Was The Perfect Idea

By going the prequel route and promising the return of horror elements, Gears of War E-Day has steered the series in the perfect direction.

Toecutter0037d ago

I can't get excited about this game until they confirm couch co-op. After the Halo debacle, I'm not making any assumptions.


Gears Of War: E-Day Is Exactly What The Franchise Needs

Shaz from GL: “Gears of War: E-Day is the perfect way to re-introduce this iconic world to both new and old players; bringing new life to a franchise before Gears 6.”

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just_looken36d ago

I wonder what weapons we will have i just went through the games and will miss the mech/gernade launcher the new combat flow they might keep hard to say.

But i agree if they are still doing gear's 6 then eday is a great idea heck i wonder who will be in the game so many gear 1-3/4/5 characters we around for that day the pool is large.

XtraTrstrL35d ago

They could make a few games continuing off the E-Day timeline. It's 14 years before Gears 1, and takes place over a few days. A 2nd game could overlap Gears Tactics timeline, which is 12 years before Gears 1. And so on. They can still continue whenever off the other side of the timeline with Gears 6+.


GOW: E-Day to Have a “New Feel” & “Feel Fresh, But Will Be Gears; Will Tell Chainsaw Lancer’s Story

The Coalition says Gears of War: E-Day will "feel fresh" but will retain its kickass Gears feel. Expect the Chainsaw Lancer creation story too.

Lightning7738d ago

It's suppose to be a linear experience and not open world. I guess what's old is new again.

Good news It's rumored the game could release next year even before Fable.

I personally think it's 2026 title still but we'll see I guess. Good for Gears fans nonetheless.

Jin_Sakai38d ago

Glad it’s back to a linear experience. Enough open world games as it is. Going to be great.

chicken_in_the_corn37d ago

What makes you think it's coming in 2026?

Lightning7737d ago

For one GTA releases in Late 2025. Fable is said to be late 2025 anything and everything needs to get out of the way of GTA, it'll be scorched Earth for every game release. Also MS doesn't exactly have a good track record on making dates they set. They could delay it to make sure they get everything out of the game. Even in late stages a game can still get delayed nothing guaranteed.

neutralgamer199236d ago


I agree if GTA6 is next holiday season we will see publishers clear out of the way for weeks if not months after. No one wants to go against GTA6. No big games will release few weeks before and absolutely no big games will release for atleast 6-8 weeks after GTA6 comes out

But I still say GTA6 is a 2026 title. Every R* game gets delayed so why would this be any different especially given how there is no crunch or anything

senorfartcushion36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

This sounds like the "nostalgic but made by the type of people who don't have a clue" style of game.

The Lancer is a weapon, it's not something that needs an f***ing origin story. They're acting like it's Batman or something.

CrimsonWing6936d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yea I’m kinda with you there.

Look, Gears 1-3 are incredible to me. Once Cliffy left and a new team got it, they um, didn’t get it. Like Gears 4 is so by the numbers and boring and 5 somewhat elevated what they did previously, but never to what Gears 1-3 hit.

I guess it’s cool that we see the conception and design of the chainsaw lancer in the story, but when you say the “story” of it, it does make me pause for a moment. The others would just introduce new weapons in cool scenarios without this focus on why they made them.

Elit3Nick36d ago

If you actually knew your lore, then you'd know that the chainsaw lancer has had its origin for a long time already. We're likely seeing that origin adapted to a game, finally.

senorfartcushion36d ago

I'd rather they had the release of the Lancer in a news/propaganda moment and focus on writing something that hasn't already been written. You make a book of a game, you shouldn't adapt that book. The games should be more interesting than any offshoot materials.

coolbeans36d ago

Weaving technological advancements *into* a larger narrative isn't a new phenomenon. And the trailer did a good job of showing us why it's a crucial item for humanity's survival.

Inverno36d ago

It's Gears cause GoW belongs to God of War (⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ 60;͡⁠°⁠)

isarai36d ago

I hope it brings back that attention to detail and punchiness the original trilogy had, Gears 5 lacked a lot of that in comparison

Crows9036d ago

I hope it can modernize gears....otherwise...I'm sorry but I'm bored of the play style. Cover shooters aren't that exciting


Will Gears of War: E-Day have MP? What about Gears 6? The Coalition gives some hints at the future

Windows Central caught up with The Coalition to learn all about Gears of War: E-Day in this new interview.

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Markdn38d ago

So another vapour wear product to bolster a good line up of products shown at the show. Did we need a 40 seconds video of something that is so far away from release?, we had more info and gameplay from games that still haven't appeared after 3 years so how far away is this?