LEGO Horizon Adventures Preview: A Delightful New Take on Aloy's World | CGM

LEGO Horizon Adventures was an absolute blast to play and delivered a deeper experience than I thought possible from a family-friendly take on one of PlayStation's more serious franchises.

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anast27d ago

A great game for handhelds.

shinoff218327d ago

I gotta say I'll enjoy it just as much on my TV.


LEGO Horizon Switch Aims at "Family Friendly Audience," Xbox Excluded to "Push PS5 Hardware Limits"

LEGO Horizon Adventures releasing on Switch due to Sony targeting a "family friendly audience;" refrains from plainly answering why there's no Xbox version.

Lightning779d ago

Dang at least try with the excuse. The game is on Switch (lowest common Denominator) and releasing at the same time as PS5. This game is definitely not pushing anything.

They should not just been upfront and said we simply don't want to publish the game on Xbox.

TheNamelessOne9d ago

Pretty much lol. "We want to focus on making this as beastly as popular. Also please don't bring up it's also going on a glorified tablet from years ago and the only thing it won't be on is our direct competition".

Cacabunga8d ago

No way I’m buying this.. i passed the age to play Lego

Eonjay8d ago

Most importantly. The story in and of itself is misleading. What he actually was asked was why is it not coming to other platforms. All he said was: “Right now, we’re just very much focused on pushing this hardware (PS5 and Switch) to its limits and making this game look as absolutely amazing as it can possibly be on this (PS5 and Switch) hardware,”

All he said was that right now, they are focusing on the hardware they are focusing on. This is actually an interesting comment because he doesn't deny that the game could come to Xbox one day.

Noskypeno8d ago

It seems like Nintendo is the kid of divorced parents and both parents are trying to convince them to say which is the better parent. This is a good example of a Sony property being on Nintendo, but Microsoft has some deals also like bringing Ori to Nintendo.

InUrFoxHole8d ago

The irony in someone who created the moniker cacabunga, saying they are past the age of playing a Lego game is priceless! Well done sir!

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excaliburps8d ago

Yes, Just say "we don't want our first-party IP appearing on Xbox." Then done.

DarXyde8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

While I would respect the honesty, I can see why they wouldn't: because they look pretty stingy in comparison as first party Xbox games come to PlayStation.

In reality, I can see why they WOULDN'T put it on Xbox: software sales aren't really great on Xbox and if you create the expectation that Xbox is getting PlayStation games... Well, isn't it possible their user base on PlayStation diminishes in favour of Game Pass + PS games? Sure you can do that on PC, but I reckon a lot of people like the simplicity of a console.

Switch is really a good choice because it's a pretty good way to improve foothold in Japan, which Sony has been losing in past years.

Don't think Lego Horizon is going to result in massive inroads in Japan, but what do I know...

Ra30308d ago

The Xbox First Party games are going to PlayStation because Microsoft needs a way to make monsy to keep putting those game Day One on Game Pass. Xbox gamers will not buy those games or any other games. Sony has no need to put its games on Xbox so they like many other Publishers......they don't!

shinoff21838d ago

They don't even have to address it though. It's their perogative. It's no different then Ms not telling us what is in the pipeline for ps5

Lightning778d ago

Except that they do. Doom Dark Ages is on PS.

mkis0078d ago

You know he us talking about the fact that sea of thieves and other first party ms published games came to ps...more will come that are unnanounced.

Obscure_Observer7d ago

"They don't even have to address it though. It's their perogative."

I don´t think anyone would be asking if that game wouldn´t be making its way to the Switch. they simply don´t have the balls to say "we don´t want our IP on Xbox consoles" and be done with it.

ocelot078d ago

I agree with you. They should of just said listen we actually want people to buy so we can make money. Not spend what ever potting to a system where the majority of the players prefer to wait and see if it pops up on a rental service than buy it.

romulus238d ago

If we're being honest lets be honest about the fact xbox gamers are highly unlikely to purchase a Lego game based on a character from a Sony exclusive anyway.

Exvalos7d ago

Switch version is probably going to be highly comprimised, sony has no parity clause. So they free to make ps5 version as advanced as they want. Then have a at least servicable switch version.

Obscure_Observer7d ago

"Dang at least try with the excuse. The game is on Switch (lowest common Denominator) and releasing at the same time as PS5. This game is definitely not pushing anything."

Yeah...We heard that Xbox Series S is holding back the Xbox Series X and somehow, a LEGO game is supposed to push the PS5 to its limits while also running on the Switch. What a joke

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PrinceOfAnger8d ago

Pushing Hardware Limits on Switch ?
Bc switch > Xbox

Eonjay8d ago

Saying that he wants to push the hardware limits of the Switch is not the same as saying (Switch > Xbox). He is saying that they are only working to maximize those platforms... and nothing more.

Rynxie8d ago

Pushing hardware limit means more than "pretty graphics." LEGO horizon will fully utilize the Nintendo switch (tablet mode), it will also fully utilize the PS5 hardware (more specifically the dualsense controller). None of these things MS offers on their console.

So, yes, the Xbox series consoles are stronger than the switch, but it doesn't offer what the switch does.

Michiel19898d ago

making use of the dualsense is not fully utilizing the ps5 hardware and honestly I don't think many people would expect them to do for a lego game.

DivineHand1258d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Sony simply didn't want their IP to show up on their main competitor's console. Nothing complicated there. No need for BS, tap dancing, or mental gymnastics. Though what I have observed over the years is that when a developer says their game is exclusive to PlayStation because they want to push the console to its limit or talk about the power, it usually means there was some sort of deal involved and it is them telling you the reason is because of the console war without telling you it is because of the console war.

I hope the Lego game does have some impact on the next Horizon game in terms of Aloy's character development.

I have played the first 2 Horizon games and all their expansions and have never seen or heard Aloy laugh.

dveio8d ago

"Sony simply didn't want their IP to show up on their main competitor's console. Nothing complicated there."

Very obvious and understandable.

Wintersun6168d ago

Why would they bother to release this on Xbox? It wouldn't sell anyway.