Games that need a performance patch on Switch 2

NE: "With the Nintendo Switch 2's announcement coming, we look at Switch games that could use a performance patch on it."

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Terry_B38d ago

Basically every game on Switch :-)

jznrpg38d ago

I was going to say all of them but you beat all of to it. Of course they won’t do it for every game and are they going to charge for it?

Eonjay38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Well a Switch 2 should be able to stabilize most gay with dips. And hopefully any gay with dynamic res should be maxed out at 1080p.

Nintendo tho is the worst out of any company for reselling older games. I wish they would give a free patch for the Xenoblade games.

Hotpot38d ago

logically the pure increase in raw power will also increase the performace of every switch game even without dedicated patch

Chard38d ago

lol what's going on with your autocorrect to make the 'gay' typo twice

Goodguy0138d ago

Botw and totk 60fps updates plz

Profchaos38d ago

Totk is probably the first one that comes to mind on the depths it could really drop low.

But tbh after so many year of the switch it's held up far better than I ever expected it to

Babadook737d ago (Edited 37d ago )

A links awakening. The OG aimed for 60 but for some reason it never quite hits it.


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TheNamelessOne1h ago

Such an overlooked title. Glad it got the chance at a remaster.


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