SEGA / Atlus June 2024 Switch eShop sale: lowest price ever for Sonic Frontiers, more

Switch owners can take advantage of the latest SEGA / Atlus sale on the eShop for June 2024, which includes the lowest price ever for Sonic Frontiers. A bunch of other titles are also discounted.

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Sonic Frontiers Patch Fixes Extreme Difficulty In Final Update

A new patch for Sonic Frontiers resolves the game's controversial difficulties and many other polarizing elements.


Sega wants Sonic IP to finally "catch up and surpass Mario"

From GameWatcher: "Publisher Sega has lofty plans for its Sonic IP, aiming to develop it in such a way that it will "catch up and surpass Mario" in the future.

Sonic and Mario have always been competitors, but where Nintendo has managed to consistently stick the landing with its titles – even when stepping outside its comfort zone – Sega's output has often received a mixed reception from both fans and critics.

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gold_drake254d ago

im a huge sonic fan, but that will never happen.

mario games have solid gameplay in every game he is in.
mario is also more child friendly and easier to play.

Number1TailzFan254d ago

It's easier to play now, that was only due to players crying about Mario World being too hard before it released.

Lost Levels was probably the hardest, 3 had decent difficulty without being too easy or too hard. These days the game seems to pander to too easy, unless you go on the extra worlds or special stages which aren't really part of the main game.

Concertoine252d ago

The newer mario games are good about keeping challenging content as optional or bonus. I know the secret final level of 3D world gave me more trouble than anything a Sonic game has tossed my way

Profchaos252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Players never got to try the lost levels it was a decision made because Howard Phillips a Nintendo employee that played new games as they came to the country he complained and we got smb2 USA.

In addition the choice worked well really as we would have never gotten to play a reskinned doki doki panic otherwise and that would be the true crime

blackblades254d ago

Mario is just universal, fighting, sports, 3d and 2d platforming, rpg, racing and it goes on and all different while being the same character. With the most important thing the games are always fun and get good reviews unlike sonic which can be a hit or miss which its been missing since sonic adventure and i guess the new 3d sonic game. Only thing sonic is best at is the music other then that sonic will never surpass Mario

FinalFantasyFanatic252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

I agree, Sonic is wildly inconsistent with each iteration, you never know what you're going to get, at least with Mario, you're more or less guaranteed a good time regardless of which game you play. I really wish Sonic had done a lot better, there's room for both Mario and Sonic, and I actually enjoy Sonic more as a character personally.

Agent75252d ago

Been too many bad Sonic games over the years.

XiNatsuDragnel254d ago

Mario is brimming with quality and Nintendo will take time with it. Other than Panasonic Era, usually quality games. So SEGA prepare to take your time and don't cheap out.

BrainSyphoned252d ago

By selling it to Xbox so we can hear that 25 million players tried the game for 5 minutes? Then every sheep and journo can pretend that Phil is the King of Japan and Sega is nothing without him, the Nintendo should give in and sell to MS and that Sony only makes movie games not classic games.

Plague-Doctor27251d ago

Because its Sonic, the only thing MS would do with it is run it into the ground at lightning speed rather than regular speed

-Foxtrot252d ago


Making games like Frontiers is not going to help them achieve that.

Also Superstars was average at best

They should have stuck on the Sonic Mania train, then work towards Sonic Adventure 3

Inverno252d ago

They saw how well Mania was received and said "let's not do that again, let's go back to sub par games and low effort collections". Maybe they think if they make good games then expectations would be too make more good games, and they rather just keep screwing Sonic fans with low effort stuff.

-Foxtrot252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Personally I think they were pretty f****** jealous this fan based team with this fan composer managed to do a better Sonic game with better music than Sonic Team

Take the music for example, the guy did some tracks for Superstars and they are probably the best ones in the game. Look up Sand Sanctuary, it’s a tune.
Feels it made them furious and they don’t want people to know the best Sonic game in years didn’t really come from them.

It’s petty as hell

Inverno252d ago

I don't doubt it. I bought mania and I'm not a fan of Sonic, but the look was so crisp and the music was good I couldn't resist. There's a conversion mod for DOOM that I've also played and it's pretty much the most perfect 3D Sonic game I've ever seen.

Scissorman252d ago

the time for this passed, sega. back in the Nintendo vs. Genesis days when Sonic was the new mascot on the block maybe.