Gamepro: Virtua Fighter 5 Review

Sega's longstanding fighting series finally arrives on the PS3. It can be described in one word: Amazing.

The Virtua Fighter series, in its more than decade-long history, has always been respected for its contribution to the fighting game genre. After all, the original Virtua Fighter was the first 3D fighting game to be released and essentially paved the way, blocky-pixels and all, for other 3D fighters like Tekken, Dead or Alive, and Soul Calibur. Now, after plenty of anticipation, the Virtua Fighter franchise is finally making its next-gen debut on Sony's slick black box and it's never looked, or played, better.

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Chagy4442d ago

they are sold out over here makes me wonder if i should pre-order motorstorm hmmmm tommorow morning i will i want my copy :D

spacetoilet4442d ago

Kick ass! Beautiful presentation and graphics and timings are arcade perfect as far as I can tell. ( I played arcade version allot last summer in Tokyo). The graphics are so crisp and the colours are really full and nice. How come Sega (am2) can get games looking this good, but we are seeing washed out 'blurry' images on multi platform games such as cod2 and Nba street? Well anyway, if you like fighting games and have a ps3, (or a 360 for that matter as its coming out soon on that too) I highly recommend this game. Stay with it, learn the techniques, and you will really be addicted.


This game Should be online

I hope sony are Thinking about it.

Shadow4437d ago

No, it shouldn't

The problem with fighting games that require accuracy up to several milliseconds/frames is that it falls WELL into the latency of the average broadband connection. Games such as Soul Calibur and VF would need to be reduced down to their simplest forms (like DOA) in order to work online, and frankly, that's no game I'd want to play.