Hands-on with Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure | SideQuesting preview

Sliding right into our D(rea)Ms with the new game from Furniture & Mattress

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Review: Arranger: A Role Puzzling Adventure(Switch)-A Gorgeous Grid-Based Zelda-Like Quest |NL

"Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure dares to be different, and it succeeds with aplomb. By interweaving a heartwarming and inclusive story with addictive gameplay, Furniture & Mattress teaches us that puzzle games can be more than just a vehicle for making the cogs in your brain turn. If you’re looking for pure puzzling, then the game won’t be for you, but a simple story and simple gameplay loop are both elevated to new heights because of the thought and care that’s gone into them." - Alana Hagues | NintendoLife

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AppAdvice: Arranger Review

AppAdvice: While kids nowadays care about fancy schmancy graphics in their games, I remember the days of having an SNES and being delighted with pixelated games and chiptune music. Regardless of what anyone says, these were the golden days of gaming, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. So whenever I see a retro looking game hit the App Store, I always get pretty excited. And such is the case with Arranger.

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Touch Arcade: Arranger Review

Touch Arcade: How to explain Arranger [$0.99]? It doesn't quite fit into any bucket I'm familiar with. It's a mini-game collection, a classic adventure and a music game all rolled into one strange-looking package, each part coming together into a surprisingly cohesive whole. It's about using the power of music to help people, but also about solving the strangest of problems. It features boss battles that involve shooting brains with musical instruments while emotional defenses try to stop you. It's quirky, yes, but also immensely loveable.

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