7 Games like Helldivers 2 that you should try

Helldivers 2 skyrocketed into popularity right after its release, but there are alternative games just like it that you may want to try.

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Helldivers 2 Players Urge the Devs to Change the War Dynamics

The Helldivers 2 community claims the current war dynamics are stale and in need of a change. Players suggest the best ways to do that.


Sometimes the orders are fascist busy work, other times they are a scripted chapter in an ongoing theater of war.

And I bet they pace out significant events they have planned based on when player count begins to dwindle.

That’s what GaaS models typically ARE.

If anything, Arrowhead is just doing it GREAT so often with their significant events, which most GaaS’s I’ve played lacked, that the typical GaaS busy work eras stand out as “meh” for the genre for once…

DOMination-6h ago

Why is N4G / Videogamer insistent on pushing articles on this game as well as ZZZ & xDefiant so much? Every time I log in, there's multiple articles at the top with no comments and small temperature so its obvious people aren't interested in them. (obviously people ARE interested in Helldivers not THIS type of content - I mean we don't need 5 articles a day on every little change).

I don't have a problem with the pinning - it's their site so they can do what they want and understandably they are going to weight their own content - but why all these random articles about these three games in particular? It comes across as either undisclosed sponsored content or AI generated crap.

lodossrage4h ago

I brought this same exact issue up months ago

badz1495h ago


This is why going GAAS is crazy. You have your players calling your game stale despite the game being just a couple months old and have added so much in such a short time since launch.


The Commando Blasts Its Way Into Helldivers 2 Players’ Hearts

Thousands of Helldivers 2 players already swear by the Commando. It's fun to use and effective against bots and bugs. Have you tried it?


Helldivers 2 has lost 97% of its players as it hits the lowest point ever

Helldivers 2 has recently seen it hit its lowest point ever despite the game being in a good spot and being praised by players.

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Fishy Fingers2d ago

Thumbnail representative of the videogamer staff wondering how they're going to replace 97% of their content.

-Foxtrot2d ago

I can see the article titles now

“Videogamer journalists think that…”

Cacabunga15h ago

Just imagine you buy a gaas and it loses player count this bad.. it just becomes unplayable!! Worst gaming model ever

TheProfessional21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

People are always deflecting now, if the game had better content it wouldn't have lost this many players. Sure most games have a decrease after launch but not over 90%. This game was overhyped; levels take too long, bad customization, generic bug enemies. The robots are good but otherwise it's pretty bland.

It's a simple wave mode with no depth or variety, this type of gameplay used to be dlc or an extra mode. Not sure why it was ever as popular as it was, maybe there weren't really other games out.

Hypertension14021h ago


It's clear from your comment history why you are trying to bring the game down, it's obvious you haven't played it yet based on how your comments sound.

Trust me, this is the type of game the Xbox fanbase would love. Stop letting platform loyalty keep you from playing one the best co op shooters in recent memory.

itsmebryan20h ago

@ hypertension
How do you explain the large drop in player count?

tay870119h ago

Wtf are you talking about overhyped. Game launch with little to no fan fare. It exploded because it us fun. I'm not a MP gamer and I had a great time with it. Played it non stop for a couple months. I personally do not spend more than a couple months on any game

Profchaos17h ago

It's all PC players though games in a healthy state on console the reason why PC is tanking is self explanatory

mkis00710h ago(Edited 10h ago)

In fact 90% games that have an abnormally high all time peak at launch decrease that much. It's only that 10% that maintain high player counts, and from steam db front page, it looks like they are the games that got in on the ground floor as far as live service goes. 400,000 plus( pc only all time peak) is abnormally high. Heck over 300,000 is high based on what I'm seeing on the steam db pages of popular games.

30,000 players at once is not low...especially for a game that was never built to be in this realm of popularity. 12 million sales is the proof that the game is doing fine...

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InUrFoxHole20h ago

Still lost 97% of its player base. Sony gamers don't support their games. That's why concord had to go open beta.

Poesneus4g19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

Lying through your teeth. I’m very familiar with a certain fanbase that factually don’t support their exclusives, and now they are going multiplat :( what stage of grief is projection?

JackBNimble19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

That 97% is steam player's not including ps5 according to the article.

But all this happened after Sony forced pc players to make a sony account to play. Even Sony back tracking on that won't fix this.

Christopher19h ago

So... no gamer supports their games since all games see drastic drop offs like this after release? The gymnastics to make something that is normal look like it's only a bad sign for Sony. There are very few exceptions, and we all know who they are, where this doesn't happen. But this is pretty standard for all games, including GaaS, where fluctuations in gameplay across a month is what sustains it and not constant high levels of players.

tay870119h ago

It has sold more than 12 million copies on about 4 1/2 months. Go ahead and tell me the last xbox exclusive thst has sold like that....

P_Bomb15h ago

I platinumed it, then moved on to new games like always. What exactly would ppl have me do? Keep playing one game 24/7 like I’m in prison?

InUrFoxHole4h ago

Good thing it sold to not be played. Well done

Michiel19893h ago

overwatch 1 also had an open beta and was massively successfull. Take a look at Grinding Gear Games, creators of Path of Exile. They say that they don't need every player to play 24/7, it's fine if they come and play the new update for a month and then come back again for the next.

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2d ago
BrockEmSockEm22h ago

All they have to do for me to play again is fix PC performance. It went from running decent at launch to like 30-40 fps now.

robtion7h ago

Online only games basically never last. Nothing new here.

Single player games have much longer legs and replayability over the long term.

Online games are essentially a rental until they lose popularity and are shut down.

mkis00721h ago

I'll bite...palworld also sucks because it went from 2,100,000 players max peak to "just" 85,000 24hour peak...that's only 4% of what it once was!!! Oh no!!

The real answer is these games will fluctuate on when they get patched and updated. Live service.

InUrFoxHole20h ago

Don't worry my guy it'll get a boost when it hits gamepass

VersusDMC16h ago

Wasn't pallworld day one on gamepass?