How Sonic X Shadow Generations Takes Advantage of Nostalgia and New Elements

As surprising as Sonic Generations' remaster is, a Sonic Team's leader tells Game Rant that the game serves a purpose as Sonic X Shadow Generations.

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Sonic X Shadow Generations: Classic Speed Meets Dark Combat | CGM

Sonic X Shadow Generations revitalizes a beloved title with modern graphics and a thrilling Shadow campaign.

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Sonic X Shadow Generations To Have PlayStation-Exclusive Animations

According to the official Sonic X Shadow Generations website, PlayStation users will get their hands on "Bonus PlayStation-Exclusive Prologue Animations."

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Silver_ShadoWolf15d ago

Tf is this? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦 🏾

MetroidFREAK2115d ago

I was going the PS5 route to begin with, but this is just lame

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Sonic X Shadow Generations Preview - The Dark Hedgehog Shines - MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "During 2024’s Summer Game Fest, I got hands-on with Sega’s upcoming Sonic X Shadow Generations."

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purple10118d ago

cant help but feel this is going to be the best sonic in ages,

cant help but also feel this may loose a few sales to astrobot, silly Sega, they weren't to know I suppose.