Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown demo “old version”, optimisation a priority

In a potentially dicey situation, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown’s Game Director explains why it released a demo ahead of release and the expected differences between it and the finished product.

Aphrodia39d ago

the fans have been waiting so long. but if the actual game is as trash as the demo, it will be DOA.

purple10138d ago

my brother loved this game on 360 I believe, driving to poker tournaments, then going for race straight after.


How hard is it to release a bite sized, current version of a game in demo format?

Aphrodia38d ago

Every time I play the demo it hard crashes my high end pc within 10 minutes.

Markdn38d ago

Let's show everyone how great our game is gonna be by releasing a poorly optimised and dreadful demo. Eeerm I'm no expert here but from a marketing point of view I can only say Wtf!!!

Tzuno38d ago

Eden games that made the first two unlimited is no more, sadly this will be DOA.


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown “already working on” solution for the end

As players are no longer able to play The Crew (2014), an always-online game now with its servers switched off, the creators of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown are keen to avoid a similar circumstance.

ocelot0730d ago

After playing the pc demo. It has potential but i do believe another 6 months to a year delay will help this greatly.

purple10130d ago

If I can remember rightly this has already been delayed a bunch

It might even have been announced last gen for ps4/xbone before switching to this current gen

ocelot0730d ago

Yer I think it was announced like 6-7 years ago.

purple10130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Ahh yeh it was 2020 I checked
So only 4 years seems reasonable

But it’s been 13 year since last one, what have the devs been doing for 13 years, damn

theindiearmy30d ago

It's not even the same developers. It's not even the same rights holder. The rights to the IP were sold back in 2016. The previous devs, Eden Games, are now wasting their talent on Gear.Club Unlimited.

chicken_in_the_corn30d ago

So it can release either broken or half-assed? No, thanks. Games that were hit with big delays are worse than those that weren't.

Good-Smurf30d ago

I hate all these developers creating a problem.
They could have just made always-online optional like previous Test Drive games, and nobody would have a problem.
Unfortunately, this is the least of their worries.


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Developer Interview - MMO, Switch and Demo

Ahead of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's release in September, Game Director, Guillaume Guinet spoke to Traxion. Covered is why it's an always-online MMO, the work that needs to be done between the demo and the release and plans for end-of-life.


“Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown” is coming to PC and consoles on September 12th, 2024

"Following the announcement of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's long-awaited release date of September 12, 2024, NACON and KT Racing are pleased to announce that a demo of the game is now available on Steam." - NACON and KT Racing.

Aphrodia46d ago

This demo crashes my pc every time. Just embarrassing.