Delta Force: Hawk Ops Preview: An FPS Journey For Every Gamer | CGM

Team Jade at TiMi Studios has taken on Delta Force: Hawk Ops, and the stakes are high, which they seem to like, judging by the game itself.

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Delta Force Hawk Ops Hands-On Preview: An FPS For Jaded Battlefield Fans | The Nerd Stash

The Nerd Stash: "Just how tactical is Delta Force Hawk Ops with its hero-shooter abilities? The Nerd Stash checked it out at Summer Games Fest 2024."

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Delta Force: Hawk Ops | Remaking a Classic Map

Game Director Shadow Guo talks about his love for the original Delta Force series of games, and how his team went to great lengths to preserve the look and feel of the classic map "Cracked" while also updating it for modern technology and gameplay systems.


Delta Force: Hawk Ops Alpha test on PC coming in July

Delta Force is a new first-person tactical shooter launching into a Global PC Alpha Test in July. The game features intense military-sim combat, and is going to be available on Steam and Epic Game stores, with eventual releases on PlayStation, Xbox, Apple and even Android devices.

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