Age of Mythology: Retold Preview - More Than Just a Shiny Coat of Paint | CGM

We played Age of Mythology: Retold at Summer Game Fest 2024 and were excited to see what players have been waiting for since the original's 2002 release.

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Age of Mythology Retold brings familiar gods and monsters in September 2024

If you've been waiting for this RTS remaster, here's when Age of Mythology Retold is coming out.

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RaidenBlack33d ago

Looks better than the AoE III Remaster

28d ago

Age of Mythology: Retold is coming to Xbox consoles and Windows PC later in 2024

Zeus, Odin, Medusa, and others return to PC and Xbox later this year.

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140d ago Replies(6)
Chance_of_Raine140d ago

It's about damn time. I've been waiting for details for this game since its announcement...

cthulhucultist139d ago

Ah good times. I really enjoyed this on PC back in the day


Age of Mythology Retold - Announce Trailer

Gods will return.
Heroes will rise.
Legends will battle.