XDefiant Movement Nerf and Bunny Hopping Penalty Explained

Ubisoft rolled out an XDefiant movement nerf and bunny hopping penalties in its latest patch, and here's an explanation of how it works.

Rynxie29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I remember jumping around in games like resistance, killzone, and socom didn't do much. In fact, I enjoyed killing idiots who jumped spammed in those games. Because as soon as you jumped, you're gun pointed down, and you had to re-aim your crossair once your feet are back on the ground. However, this was before cheating devices without having to hack your console wasn't as prominent.

I'm sure developers still implemented that in games, as when I jump in games like cod or even xdefiant, I can't shoot or I can only control my aim, when my feet are back on the ground. The only time I can actually aim freely while jumping midair, is if I'm doing the quick slide and jump movement (especially on xdefiant). Overall, I think the people who jump spam are just using cronos or other cheating methods that completely removed the need for them to aim, as cronos also removes recoil and gun sway or any other restrictions. It reminds me of Resistance 2 wraith LMG. Cheating devices (people who hacked their PS3), were able to shoot the wraith without a spin delay. They were able to switch between the shield and shooting without the spin delay, nor would the shield stop them from shooting. Anyone who played resistance 2 knows what I'm talking about. You couldn't shoot the wraith without a 1 or 2 second spin delay. Also, once you switch to the should it stopped you from shooting, nor could you shoot while you kept your shield activated. Cheating devices completely removed that. This is the type of cheating that's going on now on games. Devices like cronos removed restrictions.

My point? It won't stop jump spamming as most people are just plain cheating in fps games now. I wish developers and manufacturers would just go after cheaters, the manufacturers of cheating devices and the owners of websites hosting cheating devices.

Rynxie29d ago

Also, once you switch to the shield it stopped you from shooting, nor could you shoot while you kept your shield activated.

Typo fixed


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XDefiant on console is "unplayable" due to constant framerate issues, unusable abilities

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just_looken7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

With this game having crossplay along with the new ramp up of cheaters on pc you will no doubt see a huge drop of players in the coming month's. One huge downside of the game being free is the lack of paywall for those that get banned do too a use of cheat menu free games have it worse for cheating.

The new wave of issues on all builds is just the cherry ontop of a cake that was delayed for years but still came out under cooked.

Here is a video of 2 modders on one team


REDGUM7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Mot too sure if this is just me or not but this write up seems way exaggerated. I haven't had many if any problems with this free game at all. I've played it quite abit 50-100 matches so far I'd say and it's run as smooth as butter for me.
Maybe I'm just lucky?
Could it be possibly the players internet connection?
Not giving excuses but just seems odd I've had no or few issues. Certainly no framerate drops that I'm aware of.
Currently playing it on the ps5.


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coolbeans7d ago

Not exactly the vote of confidence you want to see for a live-service game.