Xbox Users Are Sick Of Being Shown Full-Screen Ads

A full-screen advert isn't exactly the best thing to be greeted by when booting up your console.

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darthv7232d ago

I can appreciate that ad as it reminded me about the showcase... so I watched it. I guess this would be an issue if I saw it every time I turned on the system or had to watch an ad before I could play a game. When it gets to that point, I will give a shit.

just_looken32d ago

Its a good thing when i fire up a sony system i see add's but they are sony add's so the internet is happy with that and i can be like thank you sony for the add on a platform that cost more than gamepass with less features.

Einhander197232d ago

PlayStation doesn't have full screen ads ever. The only ads are in the store and on the explore page.

Dandizzle32d ago

I've never been greeted with a fullscreen ad on PS5, so not sure what your talking about

Crows9032d ago

Just looked....maybe switch it too just lying.

romulus2332d ago

Well it's abundantly clear from your comment you've never fired up a Sony system.

badz14931d ago (Edited 31d ago )


the first picture is definitely edited or something. the cursor is at Demon's Souls but it shows MLB full page like that? not gonna happen! it will show only the page of Demon's Souls and nothing else. clearly somebody is just trolling. and upon reading further, this was just a 1 time bug. nice try, troll

MajorLazer31d ago

My default tab is my last played game so I don't see a single ad when I turn my PS5 on.

Einhander197231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

That picture you showed is the dynamic background for the game, not an add, every game has it's own background created by the developers themselves.

And the other people are talking about the explore page but using the wrong terminology.

The explore page has two ads, but they are not full screen and not intrusive, you never have to click them to get to your games like this full screen ad on xbox. Heck you don't even have to go to the explore tab if you don't want to.

The issue here is your lack of understanding of the PlayStation UX.

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peppeaccardo31d ago

After my third XBOX red ring of death showed up I decided to not to buy any microsoft product never again. best decision made in my professional life. Office 360 I am forced to use it as it is a company stnadard ... but I do not pay for it. For me a world without MS would be a better world !!

ChasterMies31d ago

“I can appreciate that ad”

What a bizarre reaction. One of the many reasons that 30M Xbox 360 owners switched to PS4 was the addition of ads to the Home Screen. Ads on Xbox were unpopular then, they are unpopular now, and they will always be unpopular.

anast32d ago

It's a subscription box, what else would they do?

just_looken32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Its like 0 people have figured out window's 11 adds along with there new recall crap to sell data is one/the same with xbox adds.

But there are thousands out there on this site and others that think xbox is a magic fairy company with 0 ties to m$

bleedsoe9mm32d ago

More pathetic story's to down play the Xbox stellar showcase

purple10132d ago

xbox fans get excited so easily, calm down, let see the review scores / real gameplay on YouTube come in

romulus2332d ago

Separate topic completely, you're the one trying to somehow tie the two things together, the show was pretty unanimously praised that doesn't mean they get a pass on other issues.

Rimeskeem32d ago

Wait, they do that? ACTUALLY THO? I thought that shit was purely comedic and speculative.

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