LEGO Horizon Adventures Is on Nintendo Switch Because It's a Game 'For Everyone'

"When we approached this game, we wanted to make sure that it was for everyone," Windeler says. "[That philosophy] has informed every creative decision, and bringing [LEGO Horizon Adventures] to Nintendo Switch is part of that."

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-Foxtrot35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I really, and I mean really hope this isn't a precursor to going multiplatform in the future bit by bit, testing the waters.

Yeah it's a Lego game made by a non-Sony developer but still, some things can start of so small beforehand.

The issue with the quote is you are going to get people now saying "well if that's the case, why not bring the main Horizon games to other consoles if you really believe that" or "why not bring it to Xbox or the PS4". This is just big PR talk in my opinion, the same shit I'd have expected Phil Spencer to say.

darthv7235d ago

Genuine question... why would it matter? Its not like you wont still be able to play the new releases on your preferred platform if they also come to others. That is the argument being made towards XB games as well. So what if a new XB game is on PC, PS and Switch... I can still play it on XB if I want to.

Having choices should NEVER be a bad thing... but somehow people are meant to think it is as it devalues the plastic box they like most. F that way of thinking and just play the game wherever you will get the most enjoyment.

-Foxtrot35d ago

Exclusives give a console an identity, they give them a sense of purpose, the reason for buying them. If you could play everything on anything then what's the point of multiple consoles. Things would just get boring, stale and there would be no competition to urge each of the now big three to try harder to win you over.

I got a Xbox for Halo Combat Evolved, Fable, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I got a PS3 for Uncharted, MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, Infamous

I got a N64 for Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Smash Bros, Pokemon Colosseum and Snap.

My point is without the allure of these exclusives I wouldn't have had the urge to buy different consoles and experience different things that console was offering me even outside of their games. It mixed things up and kept my gaming days overall fresh as a kid when I could swap between them.

I get Microsoft going the multiplatform route, they dug their own grave with that one and they've always seemed to want to venture out for a long time now as it aligns with all their new business strategies but Sony don't really need to. It would be the same if Nintendo started offering their games on other platforms, it would be suicide on their part.

Lets not go for years going on about exclusives and as soon as Microsoft drops all that pretend they are lame and we don't need them. Why move the goal posts.

darthv7235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Fox... that old way of thinking about 'exclusives give a console its identity' made a whole lot more sense back when there was noticeable differences between each platform. Like the difference between an NES and Master System or Genesis and SNES. Those days are long gone. Now what gives a console its identity is its design, controller, feature set... stuff that actually applies to the console, like how car makers have different features and designs to make theirs stand out from the rest.

When it comes to the games themselves, they all can have varying degrees of differences which is pretty much what the PC users have been experiencing for decades. Being able to play on a wide range of CPU/GPU configurations leads to the same kind of variances people on consoles are seeing now. One system may have higher res, the other better FPS but the core game is the same. It doesn't change the outcome if someone is playing on a PS5 or Series X, what matters is they are playing the game.

I think people want to hold onto the console war mentality because it gave them purpose. That no longer really applies to today, but they try and keep it around. And it should be pointed out that Nintendo has at least been testing the waters with certain properties as well. Maybe they too will branch out to other platforms like Sony and MS are doing. It certainly wouldn't hurt with more people playing than arguing.

On a side note, if this does well I can see them Lego-fying other properties. God of War would be awesome in Lego form.

ravens5234d ago

The gaming industry would cease to exist. Exclusives matter. Someone tell me how everything everywhere will work? You have 3 gaming companies with consoles. You put everything everywhere instead of people buying Nintendo and PS or Xbox and Nintendo or All three then what? There's a loss on console sales. No more consoles, they're not lucrative. So they all move to subscriptions, but with nothing to set them apart none of them really succeed, now their splitting the videogame audience. One drops the price everyone migrates to that subscription cause it's the cheapest and they all have the same thing. The other two go out of business. It'll be worse than these movie subscriptions, at least they all have different things. They all become third party for each other .Basically IT MAKES NO SENSE.

banger8834d ago

A game for everyone.....except those on Xbox.

Skuletor34d ago

Sony's a Japanese company and we know practically nobody buys Xbox consoles in Japan

Knightofelemia34d ago

It's still surprising Sony is porting one of their franchise characters in a Lego game to the Switch. I might grab the Lego game I might not.


LEGO Horizon Switch Aims at "Family Friendly Audience," Xbox Excluded to "Push PS5 Hardware Limits"

LEGO Horizon Adventures releasing on Switch due to Sony targeting a "family friendly audience;" refrains from plainly answering why there's no Xbox version.

Lightning7712d ago

Dang at least try with the excuse. The game is on Switch (lowest common Denominator) and releasing at the same time as PS5. This game is definitely not pushing anything.

They should not just been upfront and said we simply don't want to publish the game on Xbox.

TheNamelessOne12d ago

Pretty much lol. "We want to focus on making this as beastly as popular. Also please don't bring up it's also going on a glorified tablet from years ago and the only thing it won't be on is our direct competition".

Cacabunga12d ago

No way I’m buying this.. i passed the age to play Lego

Eonjay12d ago

Most importantly. The story in and of itself is misleading. What he actually was asked was why is it not coming to other platforms. All he said was: “Right now, we’re just very much focused on pushing this hardware (PS5 and Switch) to its limits and making this game look as absolutely amazing as it can possibly be on this (PS5 and Switch) hardware,”

All he said was that right now, they are focusing on the hardware they are focusing on. This is actually an interesting comment because he doesn't deny that the game could come to Xbox one day.

Noskypeno12d ago

It seems like Nintendo is the kid of divorced parents and both parents are trying to convince them to say which is the better parent. This is a good example of a Sony property being on Nintendo, but Microsoft has some deals also like bringing Ori to Nintendo.

InUrFoxHole11d ago

The irony in someone who created the moniker cacabunga, saying they are past the age of playing a Lego game is priceless! Well done sir!

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excaliburps12d ago

Yes, Just say "we don't want our first-party IP appearing on Xbox." Then done.

DarXyde12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

While I would respect the honesty, I can see why they wouldn't: because they look pretty stingy in comparison as first party Xbox games come to PlayStation.

In reality, I can see why they WOULDN'T put it on Xbox: software sales aren't really great on Xbox and if you create the expectation that Xbox is getting PlayStation games... Well, isn't it possible their user base on PlayStation diminishes in favour of Game Pass + PS games? Sure you can do that on PC, but I reckon a lot of people like the simplicity of a console.

Switch is really a good choice because it's a pretty good way to improve foothold in Japan, which Sony has been losing in past years.

Don't think Lego Horizon is going to result in massive inroads in Japan, but what do I know...

Ra303012d ago

The Xbox First Party games are going to PlayStation because Microsoft needs a way to make monsy to keep putting those game Day One on Game Pass. Xbox gamers will not buy those games or any other games. Sony has no need to put its games on Xbox so they like many other Publishers......they don't!

shinoff218312d ago

They don't even have to address it though. It's their perogative. It's no different then Ms not telling us what is in the pipeline for ps5

Lightning7712d ago

Except that they do. Doom Dark Ages is on PS.

mkis00712d ago

You know he us talking about the fact that sea of thieves and other first party ms published games came to ps...more will come that are unnanounced.

Obscure_Observer11d ago

"They don't even have to address it though. It's their perogative."

I don´t think anyone would be asking if that game wouldn´t be making its way to the Switch. they simply don´t have the balls to say "we don´t want our IP on Xbox consoles" and be done with it.

ocelot0712d ago

I agree with you. They should of just said listen we actually want people to buy so we can make money. Not spend what ever potting to a system where the majority of the players prefer to wait and see if it pops up on a rental service than buy it.

romulus2311d ago

If we're being honest lets be honest about the fact xbox gamers are highly unlikely to purchase a Lego game based on a character from a Sony exclusive anyway.

Exvalos11d ago

Switch version is probably going to be highly comprimised, sony has no parity clause. So they free to make ps5 version as advanced as they want. Then have a at least servicable switch version.

Obscure_Observer11d ago

"Dang at least try with the excuse. The game is on Switch (lowest common Denominator) and releasing at the same time as PS5. This game is definitely not pushing anything."

Yeah...We heard that Xbox Series S is holding back the Xbox Series X and somehow, a LEGO game is supposed to push the PS5 to its limits while also running on the Switch. What a joke

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PrinceOfAnger12d ago

Pushing Hardware Limits on Switch ?
Bc switch > Xbox

Eonjay12d ago

Saying that he wants to push the hardware limits of the Switch is not the same as saying (Switch > Xbox). He is saying that they are only working to maximize those platforms... and nothing more.

Rynxie12d ago

Pushing hardware limit means more than "pretty graphics." LEGO horizon will fully utilize the Nintendo switch (tablet mode), it will also fully utilize the PS5 hardware (more specifically the dualsense controller). None of these things MS offers on their console.

So, yes, the Xbox series consoles are stronger than the switch, but it doesn't offer what the switch does.