Black Ops 6 Gameplay Reveal Trailer Skyrockets to Become Most Watch Call of Duty Trailer of All-Time

it's official! Black Ops 6's gameplay reveal trailer is now the most watched Call of Duty trailer of all-time beating out Infinite Warfare.

Reaper22_41d ago

Cant wait to play it. Looks awesome!

BrockEmSockEm40d ago

They barely showed gameplay of actually playing. It's all just in-game cutscenes and cinematics


Black Ops 6 Omnimovement Not Meant to Make Game Faster, Won't Widen Skill Gap Too Much

Black Ops 6 omnimovement not meant to make the game faaster, and won't widen the skill gap too much according to Treyarch.


Black Ops 6 Scorestreaks Won't Loop; Dedicated Melee Weapon Slot Confirmed

The Black Ops 6 scorestreaks will be more traditional, but won't loop. Players will have a dedicated melee slot in loadouts.

Jingsing6d ago

is this the game that requires an online connection to stream textures to your console?

Eonjay6d ago

I would hope not. Why not just, you know, download the textures to the console itself.

Jingsing6d ago

Apparently it is this game. I guess they want next to 0 people buying COD these days.


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