Gaming QA Workers Say They Were Laid Off For Trying To Unionize

The Communication Workers of America filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that a Microsoft-affiliated studio laid off 160 QA workers due to unionization efforts.

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Petebloodyonion42d ago

An interesting development could potentially illuminate the reasons. Additionally, the fact that the largest union in gaming consists of 300 employees is concerning.

just_looken41d ago

anti union is common sadly in huge corporations.

Sony atleast has 13% of its workforce is in a union though no doubt there the oldest ones from back in the day but hey they so far have not been fired

Also there is more than 300 well more here is a article that sums it up

Petebloodyonion41d ago

Your last article is interesting :)

Christopher42d ago

If this is true, this would go against Microsoft's agreement that they would remain Union-neutral with the purchase of ABK.

porkChop41d ago

This is a separate contractor that isn't owned by Microsoft though. They can't force another company to allow its workers to unionize.

Christopher41d ago

But they can allow them to lay them off while alleviating the work load they still need to do in order to aid in that decision. If the contract company unionizes, that's more costly for Microsoft as well or they'd have to use something else that would mean getting that new contractor up to date on where the old teams were. Not unionizing benefits Microsoft because it keeps contractor costs down.

It's honestly a thing CWA needs to assess. But this is also news Microsoft doesn't need with FTC still looking for a reason to break up the current purchase.

gerbintosh41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


Contractor unions do not hurt Microsoft or any corporation for that matter, it hurts the contract company. For example, the contractor states they can get the required job for $200k per person and Microsoft pays them. Then the contract company hires each person for $60k so that they can make money. Unionizaton cuts into that $140k profit

Christopher40d ago

***Contractor unions do not hurt Microsoft or any corporation for that matter, it hurts the contract company.***

I don't know if you know this or not, but if a contractor has to pay more for the work of their employees, they then have to charge more to their clients. Businesses don't 'eat costs' they 'pass them on to their clients'.

Petebloodyonion41d ago

A matter of concern for federal instances could be why Microsoft owns the largest unionized studio with only 300 employees.

For instance, Naughty Dog employs approximately 497 people, while Rockstar North has about 2000 employees.

crazyCoconuts41d ago

Lionbridge- not owned by MS/Xbox. So, #1, silly to blame MS for this
#2 like the industry isn't hurting enough, let's bring Unions in.

phoenixwing41d ago

Unions help ppl get fair breaks and working conditions it would help the industry just not the consumer

crazyCoconuts41d ago

It would help increase the cost of game development which would hurt the industry and the consumer. Unions suck

phoenixwing41d ago

@crazy didn't realize you care more about video games than the people who make them good to know

iEatNapkinz41d ago

Large scale unionization in gaming would 100% ruin the industry.

If the people making the games aren't getting "fair breaks" then they need to leave that company.

JEECE41d ago


If unionization causes mass layoffs and studio closures, it doesn't help video games, the consumer, or the people making them. Studios are already laying people off and in some instances closing already. What do you think they are going to do if the labor force makes itself more expensive?

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ThichQuangDuck41d ago

Quality assurance should be more valued with how buggy games are. Launch is what matters the most you lose gamers interest there sometimes you lose them forever

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