Elden Ring Has Sold More Than 25 Million Copies To Date

FromSoftware's Elden Ring has now sold over 25 million copies worldwide, as announced by the devs over on the official Twitter handle.

GaboonViper31d ago

Massive Congrats to From Software, one of the best games i have played, all we need now is a Bloodborne 2.

The_Hooligan30d ago

I get sad every time when someone mentions Bloodborne because Bloodborne remake or Bloodborne 2 don't exist :(

on_line_forever31d ago

Deserve it , but I was really wish Dark souls 3 & bloodborn sold these number of Copies

smolinsk31d ago

Elden ring appeal to a much broader audience because of the Open world. The freedom to take any boss when you want and because of the Lord of the rings lore. Souls is basically just Boss fights and that's it.

cooperdnizzle30d ago

Well you have never played the games!

smolinsk31d ago

Best game ever. Never played a game that well balanced to fit everyones need.

Aphrodia31d ago

pc version is rather busted. Hopefully they have some common decency and fix the problems when the dlc drops.

smolinsk31d ago

I had zero problems on PC

outsider162431d ago

Hold on..is it easy? As a souls game?

smolinsk31d ago

No much harder. Souls games are easy

toxic-inferno30d ago

Whether it's easier or harder than othe souls games depends on your playstyle. However, it's fair to say that it's a fat more accessible game than any other in the series.

Aphrodia31d ago

still busted. Read the discussions instead of staying in the N4G bubble.. It's due to the anti cheat. It works fine enough in offline mode but you are missing out on much of the experience.

cooperdnizzle30d ago

Wrong again. There are a few souls games that are harder then elden ring.

Are you a bot?

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kickerz31d ago

Still waiting for it to go on sales so I can buy it..

DivineHand12530d ago

Well deserved. Not only was the game great it also had incredible value with the amount of content it provided.

I did my first playthrough as a sorcerer and defeated all the bosses.

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rlow12d ago

Wow $1000 dollar edition. That’s crazy.


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