Helldivers 2 players want a specific reward for saving the children and it’s adorable

The latest Helldivers 2 MO has players choosing between saving sick children and getting the Anti-Tank Mines. No reward has been stated for saving the children but fans are fixated on the idea of these capes.

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Is It Morally Wrong to Euthanize a Helldivers 2 Teammate?

Well, it's time for a morality check! When playing Helldivers 2, would you euthanize a teammate low on health?

northpaws1d 15h ago

Why not use a stim on them? If both of you are low on health then wait for supply cooldown and call it down. I don't see the point of killing them.

jznrpg1d 11h ago

I would say yes in most situations. You need your reinforcements on harder difficulties and you can always get more stims when you call down supplies or at a gem spot so try to heal them like northpaws said above.

DustMan16h ago

Suicide is the best move if your slogged in a battle away from the extract zone. Just grenade your feet if you don't many samples, and get called back at the ship.


Helldivers 2 players suggest making every planet unique

This latest suggestion for Helldivers 2 will make each planet unique by adding specific enemies and wildlife to enhance the experience.

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HyperMoused3d ago

They could be so much more diverse with it, make some planets that have some civilisation, fight in cities etc, there could be underdeveloped planets, Hell Dive into a medieval world to stop the terminids attacking the castle....heaps of potential there


"nProtect is a cheap, extremely invasive anti-cheat," and Helldivers 2 may be better off without it

nProtect GameGuard, the Helldivers 2 anti-cheat system, may be doing more harm than good based on several player complaints.

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