Former PlayStation CEO Shawn Layden Was Baited to Mock Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

Former PlayStation CEO Shawn Layden mocked Xbox Chief Phil Spencer on Twitter over his comments in a recent interview, though it seems the former PlayStation boss didn't see the entire interview before reacting.

Sonic188141d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Must be a slow news day 🙄 😴 We're talking about a former ceo that doesn't even work for Sony anymore

VenomUK41d ago

@mp1st.com’s Ibrahim Kabir is so invested in the format wars that when Shawn Layden called out Phil Spencer for his hypocritical stance on Call of Duty exclusivity, Ibrahim got upset at the mocking of Spencer. So now he’s written a useless article to say Phil Spencer deliberately said that because IT WAS A TRAP?!!

Please stop this nonsense, just stop it. Write about news, not this crap.

DarXyde40d ago

The Heart Part 7 is even worse than Part 6 somehow. 🤭

neomahi40d ago

And not a very good one either. Jacky T!!! Now that guy

ArmrdChaos40d ago

Just more senseless crap in attempts to distract us away from all the DEI BS the industry is trying to pull.

derek41d ago

He wasn't baited, it was a stupid hypocritical comment from one Phillip Spencer which is par for the course for him.

Reaper22_41d ago

What was stupid about what he said?

CrimsonWing6941d ago

Yea I was trying to figure that out, too.

VersusDMC41d ago

Well he saying he didn't want to do slimy tactics because he wants it to go to everyone like he's a saint...but we know Starfield still isn't on PS and the call of duty parity is due to a 10 year contract they signed to help get the Activision buy out to go through.

He also complained that he couldn't advertize COD on their showcase because of the Marketing deal Sony had with COD when they had one with Cyberpunk and currently have one with all the Atlus games. It's just hypocrisy all around.

Giga_Gaia40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@VersusDMC they're also the ones who did those deals first on the 360. You'd also bet if they were market leader, they'd be doing the same thing because Microsoft are a bunch of hypocrites.

Also, Phil Spencer is far from a saint. I've never seen such a despicable and worthless human being in my entire life. Plus his stupid smile, clearly evil and I just want to punch him in the face as hard as I can.

Gamepass is good for gamers, but the worst thing for developers and you can bet if it takes off even more, the monthly fee will skyrocket. Not that it will, the subscriptions aren't increasing and I seriously doubt they will, they've reach their peak already.

DivineHand12540d ago

@Giga_Gaia I don't know what's worse the comment or the people who liked your comment.
"Phil Spencer is far from a saint. I've never seen such a despicable and worthless human being in my entire life. Plus his stupid smile, clearly evil and I just want to punch him in the face as hard as I can."

He is the CEO of a video game company. I can think of a hundred other people who deserve that level of hatred.

You failed to mention what vile act was done by Phil Spenser but I suspect the main thing he is really guilty of is that he is Sony's main competitor. Xbox in the 360 days is much different than the Xbox of today so whatever was done back then doesn't apply to how Xbox is being run today. Had Xbox continued with that style of management, they would likely have remained the market leader by a significant margin as they would purposely outbid Sony on every deal. Except what we are hearing Phil Spenser say is that Sony is making all these deals which are detrimental to Xbox which is odd because he has more money than PlayStation. This leads me to believe that his style of leadership is much different from what we know Xbox was back in the 360 days.
Leave this console war nonsense behind. They are just pieces of plastic for your entertainment. Start thinking like a consumer and show no loyalty to either side.

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Lightning7740d ago

"And Microsoft absolutely ripped Hifi rush, redfall and Starfield off playstation as they had PS5 versions in development."

Big difference between knowing the back room politics of what we found out and those games not being formerly announced to be on PS in the first place, vs a game like Stellar Blade that was announced to the world that its coming to Xbox only years later no longer coming to Xbox. Again those games weren't announced to be on PS. Plus, just like COD they own those games which means they can do what they please with those games. Hi FI made it on PS5 eventually.

Unlike Final Fantasy remakes, keeping a 3rd party IP off other platforms. IP Sony doesn't own. You're right MS was very slimy mainly during the 360 days and early X1 days. As of late in the past 8+ years or so Sony has been doing more 3rd party deals and having timed exclusive things compared to MS. Again I go where the facts are, as you know.

shinoff218340d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Ms hasn't had many 3rd party exclusives games cause all the 3rd party games their paying for day 1 on gamepass. Idk how tf yall can't see that. They can't pay for both. Well won't pay for both. So what do you want. Day 1 3rd party or 3rd party exclusives

Also come on we already know game sales just aren't there

VersusDMC40d ago

So if Sony bought Square and every Square game was exclusive to playstation it would be fine but 3 Square games exclusive to PS5 and several on other consoles is worse?

And Microsoft is slimy for not releasing Indiana Jones on PS5 because it is IP Microsoft doesn't own, right?

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Lightning7740d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"So if Sony bought Square and every Square game was exclusive to playstation it would be fine but 3 Square games exclusive to PS5 and several on other consoles is worse?"

Yeah since they would own them. They can do as they please. If the roles were reversed you would be real mad at MS for keeping those games to themselves instead of investing in new IP MS would poach 3rd party constantly, like they use to do. Everyone would hate MS for making the remakes only on Xbox, I mean everyone. Let's not pretend ppl won't.

From a PR standpoint Phil won't mention all the slimy stuff he used to do constantly. Like the entire 360 generation and early x1 days until fans and media blasted him when it came to TR. That's just common sense he won't talk about that.

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MrBeatdown41d ago

Everyone knows exactly what Phil was doing.

Hofstaderman41d ago

Misdirecting, lying, projecting....the list can go on and on.

anast41d ago

These are two professional sleaze bags. They know what they are doing when it comes to lying, being slimy and turning a profit. They might be okay outside of work, but while they are playing out their drama for a paycheck, their characters are the moustache twirling bad guy.

Reaper22_41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I think most people knew that was just click bait stuff meant to get a rise out of sony fans. Unfortunately, some fell for it. Phil wasn't taking a shot at sony or anyone else. All he meant was we are giving you a choice.