Xbox Has A Lot To Show That Couldn't Fit In June Showcase, Could Be Revealed At Gamescom 2024

Xbox allegedly has a lot more games to show that it couldn't fit in June's Showcase, and they are likely to be revealed at Gamescom 2024.

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blackblades38d ago

So what they gonna show next June then?

just_looken37d ago

Pro versions of the console and or rumor's of the next console specs.

Lightning7737d ago

Try this August at Gamescom.

I know it hurts you.

blackblades37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

How does it hurts me when I can play both, just saying what they gonna show next year YDF

37d ago
mark_parch36d ago

They still have
Clockwork revolution
Forza Horizon 6
next Halo, potential halo ce remake
Elder scrolls 6
potential fallout, oblivion remasters
toys 4 bob maybe banjo
Double fine
potential unannounced 3rd party games

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Obscure_Observer37d ago


I wonder what could those even be?

We already got both 2024 and 2025 packed!

just_looken37d ago

but 2027 is when the next xbox drops so the schedule demands pro versions and the start of hype train for next gen.
2000 xbox
2005 360
2013 xbox one
2020 series x/s

andy8537d ago

Very much doubt they will be bringing out a pro version. They'll move next gen slightly early to try and get the jump imo

jznrpg37d ago

No point in a Pro version if they still demand Series S parity Bs

NotoriousWhiz37d ago

They're definitely not moving to next gen early. They may release a next gen console early, but it'll probably be another 3 years after release before they launch any exclusives. It'll effectively be a pro model until that point.

porkChop37d ago

We still haven't seen Contraband from the Just Cause devs, or the fantasy RPG with dragons from the Hitman devs. They've got a lot of 2nd party stuff in the works.

cthulhucultist37d ago

They still have under development:

Clockwork Revolution
Outer Worlds 2
OD (Kojima Project)
Project Mara
Project Maverick
Elders Scrolls 6
Fallout 5

however many of these are in early stages and can not be shown.

Realistically we can expect more gameplay from the reveals in June (State of Decay gameplay perhaps?), some footage of Towerborne that was missing in the showcase and perhaps a small trailer (even cinematic) for Contraband and/or Clockwork Revolution.

I would be so confident though. MS usually hypes Gamescom and ends up being a snoozefest focused on developers talking

PhillyDonJawn37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Halo and a rumored new ip. I was wondering why they were missing

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