PlayStation Fans Should Be Excited By Xbox Showcase Too

Discover why PlayStation fans should be happy about the Xbox Showcase. Find out about the games coming to PlayStation from the event.

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rlow132d ago

The question isn’t about games coming to PS or Switch, but which games and how many? I think for sure Activision and Bethesda games will be coming. But the likes of the newest Gears and Halo? At this point nobody but a few people at Xbox know the roadmap. It’s going to be interesting, but no matter gamers will be the winners.

Cacabunga32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

What made me a PS gamer is the SP games, and that showcase really reassured me about the future because i was getting bored and tired of seeing gaas lately so i was afraid the industry will turn into these kinds of “games”… not anymore!

LoveSpuds31d ago

Yeah, great point Cacabunga, great to see something of a course correction and single player being embraced again.

fr0sty31d ago

I'm glad to see that they didn't try to make Doom exclusive, that was my only gripe when they bought Bethesda... and glad to see they apparently aren't trying to make any other game exclusive either, even their former exclusives. A lot of them don't interest me, but I may try a few out.

ChasterMies31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Rumors are clear that Halo will be on PS5. If Halo will be on PS5, so will Gears. My guess is that Microsoft will prioritize releasing on Game Pass first, not necessarily Xbox first.

rlow131d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I mean you could be right. But a lot of rumors going into this show which many didn’t turn out to be on point. Like Banjo&Kazzoie, Gears six and the Gears collection. The rumors were from reliable sources and turned out wrong.

While those rumors could pan out, they’re still just rumors and not definitive.

b00mFargl331d ago

I get what you're saying,
but I disagree.

rlow131d ago

I respect that and again you could be right.

Cockney31d ago

Halo gears forza its just rinse and repeat

romulus2331d ago

If PlayStation fans cared about Gears and Halo they would have bought an xbox, it's the other games from the show that I'm personally interested in and it looks like the majority of those games are coming to PS so you're right, gamers win.

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Lightning7732d ago

That conference gave everyone a reason to pick up the consoles. SGF, Sony's event, Ubisofts event (though to be fair they do have AC And Star Wars releasing ) didn't give us those important games to look forward to for the next year.

Xbox did literally just that. I know most don't wanna hear it but the facts are the facts, gotta give props when these companies do something right.

Plague-Doctor2731d ago

Xbox is the only company that captured the magic of E3 and the only company that showed a great conference in years.

Xbox is also the only company that has proven time and time again they can fuck this up. But for the first time in a decade I am cautiously optimistic about the brand

Lightning7731d ago

Cautiously optimistic is the best approach here. Month to month Xbox brand changes with new goals and metrics, new PR and its ever changing (in a bad way)

They did capture E3 of old, 2005, 2006 Which is all I want from Geoff and his lame events.

Petebloodyonion31d ago

One can always expect Microsoft to make questionable decisions, such as laying off people from a well-regarded studio, over-promising and under-delivering on a game, neglecting to market excellent games, or asserting that 60 frames per second/4k should be the standard.

And let's remember a favorite: there's a console for people without internet access—it's called the Xbox 360.

Rude-ro31d ago

No one is talking about the games.
Just the “event”.
Most games were third party or cgi trailers.
Of all the games, there were a lot of gaas games as well.
But the number one thing I saw repeatedly were old game engines with clunk movements and cheap productions,
Nothing innovative.
To this point in this gen…
Microsoft’s offerings have been more about marketing than games players really enjoy.

Lightning7731d ago

"Most games were third party or cgi trailers."

Most of the stuff was in-engine, in-engine seems the way to go instead of CG. Gears E Day was in-engine using assets of what we'll see in the game, Fable was all gameplay.

"Of all the games, there were a lot of gaas games as well."

Community games, Fall out 76, WoW, elderscrolls Online will obvious have updates. Fragpunk is the only really new LS game even then they spent like a minute on it.

Sure, gotta get your wrong little fanboy takes though.

Plague-Doctor2731d ago

These "events" have been lacking since pre COVID times which is why it's a big deal. This was an E3 level conference.

Yes, if you step back this was a conference with just 2 new first party announcements, little release dates, and then at the end they said they're continuing to go multiplatform. In 2016 this wouldn't have been a good conference but in 2024 it's all we're getting. The bar is low and Xbox crossed it

shinoff218331d ago

Ubisoft has star wars. That's all I thought was fun looking.

Ms though as the troll I am absolutely knocked it out. Far as what's coming to ps , time will tell. It's just something we need to get used to

ChasterMies31d ago

These showcases are just a series of trailers. Great for enthusiasts but no normal person is going to take 45 minutes out of their day to watch game trailers. This won’t move the needle for Microsoft.

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Sonic188132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It was an Excellent showcase by Microsoft and the Xbox division! The only thing the showcase was lacking was a few extended gameplay and a few release dates! Other than that everyone should be excited if you're a gamer. Now it’s time for Microsoft to deliver on the games!

Einhander197232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Screw right off.

Let's be honest here, it was an Activision and Bethesda showcase, not a Microsoft showcase.

I'm not thanking Microsoft for putting games on PlayStation that would have been on PlayStation if Microsoft didn't buy the publishers.

Microsoft is not my friend your friend or PlayStations friend, the best thing that could happen for PlayStation is xbox ceasing to exist, not being piecemealed games.

Microsoft isn't putting their games on PlayStation because they are altruistic, it's because they can't sell crap on their own hardware because unsustainable game pass has caused people to stop buying games on the failing xbox platform.

danno_omen32d ago

Tell me you didn’t read anything but the headline without telling me you read nothing but the headline

Einhander197232d ago

I'm not thanking Microsoft or excited because they showed me games that would have been on PlayStation anyways.

Should I thank them because Starfield still isn't on PlayStation or because Indiana Jones likely won't be on PlayStation...

Get real.

Microsoft should thank PlayStation owners for buying their games, and giving cross play to their dead servers in Europe and Asia and continually trying to innovate and move the industry forward.

Jingsing32d ago

Yeah and now they want everyone else to fund their end game.

shinoff218331d ago

I feel there's alot to the story we don't know. Ms and perhaps Sony knows wtf is going on. If Ms wants to subsidize their games by releasing on ps , I'm all for it. One less console I need to buy. If people wanna buy a console only for gamepass more power to them

LoveSpuds31d ago

I have to say Einhander, I cannot help but feel the same way, the whole time I was watching the event I just couldn't help but think that all these games would have been coming to Xbox anyway, the only thing MS achieved by consolidating all of these publishers was to take games away from other player bases.

There really isn't any other way of viewing it in my opinion, I just cannot understand how anyone but the most blinkered of Xbox fanatic, thinks any company buying up all the competition is a good thing for the industry or for gamers.

NotoriousWhiz31d ago

False. All of these games would have been coming to playstation anyway. As for xbox, who knows? Depends on what deals Sony would have made.