Crow Country (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "In the end, Crow Country's success feels like SFB Games continually stumbling upon one inspired idea after another. You may have seen these nuances – be they mechanical, narrative, or visual – but never all together in one place; nostalgic in its bone marrow, yet still yearning to do more than recite the past. The way combat, puzzle-solving, cute/spooky atmosphere, and deliberate storytelling all fuse together makes for something that could be called unique. Sure, some resource management foibles prevent it from being a caw-some experience all around, but this ride sticks with you long after its inevitable stop."

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Crow Country Review – Scream Park Fun | TheSixthAxis

TSA writes: The aesthetics, densely packed environment and, at times, challenging combat go together to create a really enjoyable survival horror experience that results in Crow Country promising to be a sleeper candidate for my game of the year.

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Review - Crow Country (PlayStation 5) | GameHype

Crow Country is a survival horror game aiming for nostalgia with it’s vintage aesthetic but did it hit its mark? Crow Country is a British survival horror game from SFB Games whom you may know from the sensational puzzle game Snipperclips. Author: Ryan Perrow for Game Hype UK.

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Crow Country review [SideQuesting]

Crow Country doesn't just recapture the nostalgia of 90s horror games, it improves on it in every way

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