Slitterhead Runs At 4K/60 FPS On Current-Gen, Offers Multiple Difficulty Settings & 15-Hour Story

Details regarding the resolution, frame rate, main story length, & difficulty settings for Slitterhead have been revealed.

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on_line_forever30d ago

I can't believe this game is developed by the same team who develope Silent hill 2

It seems really cheap game maybe the low budget is the reason ?!

Scissorman30d ago

Well, yeah. They went independent. I imagine they self-funded a big part of it.

fan_of_gaming30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

in an interview with IGN ( https://www.ign.com/article... ), they mention about developing the game with budget limitations:

"Does the game have any side quests?
Toyama: With the limited budget we have, we decided to focus on the main experience rather than expanding the experience with optional content."

"Slitterhead is set to release for not just current gen consoles and PC, but also PS4. Are there any differences between the PS4 version and other platforms?
Toyama: Slitterhead can be enjoyed in 4K with 60 fps on the other platforms, but it’s 1080p and 30 fps for the PS4 version. We didn’t want Slitterhead to be only playable on high-end PCs, but also on the middle end, which made it possible to make it compatible with PS4 as well. Since Slitterhead is not a AAA title, developing it as a game that would only be playable on the PS5 would have made it too expensive. We decided to develop it on a realistic scale and finish the game on time."

"I think it’s pretty rare to actually have a game released within three or four years after opening a new studio these days.
Sato: I’m happy to hear that. But indeed, if we had made something that only runs on PS5, we probably would have still been working on it right now.
Toyama: I think that the fact that we didn’t try to make a game that can only be played on the newest hardware played a big role. It was the best thing to do given the size of our studio and it made the game accessible for more players at the same time."


Silent Hill creator’s next game, Slitterhead, gets Steam Deck support teased

Studio, the developers, shared a screenshot of Slitterhead running on the Steam Deck on their X account.

cthulhucultist9d ago

Here's hoping it runs decently. I have encountered numerous issues with unoptimized games on Steam Deck than run with sub 30s frames even on lowest settings despite not being very graphically intensive.

Having said that, I am waiting for Steam Deck 2, probably releasing in two years at the earliest (unless the competition releases decent upgrades to Asus Rog Ally and Legion Go)


Silent Hill Creator Says His New Game Slitterhead Is Heavily Inspired By Siren

Silent Hill creator's new game Slitterhead will borrow some of the best features from the classic masterpiece, Siren.

Sonic188117d ago

After seeing the trailer, I'm not interested

Armyofdarkness16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Same. When it first got announced I was hyped because it’s made by the creator of Silent Hill. The trailer was a major downer. It looked like Omikron the Nomad Soul but with monsters. Need to see some hands on gameplay!

gold_drake17d ago

after watching the trial, this doesnt remind me of siren at all ha.
not sure what to think about it.

Snookies1216d ago

Siren was amazing, not sure about this one though... Not going to judge it too heavily based on one trailer. It just didn't look all that great from what we saw. Time will tell, I suppose.

Venoxn4g16d ago

I will wait for some reviews, it has some intriguing parts though, others are not.. don't want to judge until they will do some polishing

TheNamelessOne16d ago

Not a big Siren fan, but I love survival horror. Hopefully this one does it for me when it comes out.

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Slitterhead Interview: The Creator of Silent Hill Explains Their New Horror Game - Exclusive

In an exlusive new interview with IGN, Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, director Junya Okura and producer Kazunobu Sato answered all of our questions about Slitterhead, the new horror game from Bokeh Game Studio.