Replaced’s Beautiful Design Leaves Us Wanting More - IGN

IGN : A beautiful world with smooth, side-scrolling action, Replaced is shaping up to be a game that’ll keep you wanting to come back for more and more. We took to the show floor at Geoff Keighly’s Summer Game Fest Play Days to go hands-on with Replaced and left feeling very optimistic abut where this game is heading.

SlothLordPootus24d ago

Definitely thought this had already come out. Still looking good tho!


Top 10 Indie Games Coming in 2023

The PlayStation Brahs:

"2023 has plenty of big games in store for us but let’s take a look at some of the best-looking indie games. Check out my top 10 list of indie games coming in 2023."

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shinoff2183546d ago

Nice list. I can feel most of those games on there. My most anticipated one sea of stars makes the list

jznrpg546d ago

Some worthy indies come this year . The game I want the most may never come . Chasm 2 I loved that little game . I don’t play a ton of indies maybe 5-10 a year but this year has some nice ones .


The Outerhaven’s Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2023

We at The Outerhaven don't want to miss out on these fantastic upcoming indie games in 2023, and neither should you. Check out several upcoming indie games that are releasing in 2023.

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REPLACED Story Details Revealed

Following its debut at The Game Awards last week, new REPLACED story details have been revealed by publisher Coatsink.

Abracadabra575d ago

Since the first trailer I saw, this game looked interesting.