Dark and Darker Mobile Interview: Producer Talks PUBG Influences, Microtransactions, Esports, & More

Game Rant speaks with Dark and Darker Mobile producer Joonseok Ahn about classes, customization options, release window, and more.

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All Dark and Darker races and their stat changes

If you're looking to make a new character in Dark and Darker, be sure to check our all the different races to see which fits your build best.

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HyperMoused13d ago

I tried this game no idea how to play it, i chose rogue, you attack, then slowly move outside their attck radius, and repeat, but since it takes 78 attacks to kill anything, you die....slow clunky, boring, somoene help me here i want to like the game.


Dark and Darker Mobile gets global beta test in August

South Korean publisher Krafton has announced plans for a worldwide Dark and Darker Mobile beta test for their dungeon-crawling extraction game.

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Dark and Darker is now free to play and finally back on Steam

Following the reveal that Dark and Darker was getting a free to play mode, it has now finally returned to Steam after being kicked off.

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