Elden Ring publisher warns most players won’t be able to start the DLC

The launch of Elden Ring’s DLC is going to be one of the biggest events in gaming this year. It marks the one and only expansion to the Lands Between, and is going to punctuate one of the most successful games of all time. Yet, a majority of players are not even going to be able to play the DLC thanks to the starting requirements.

Charal36d ago

Good, like for everything in From Software game it required player to sweat to get his reward.

anast36d ago

I'm ready. I'm 13% away from platinum, just waiting for the DLC to release to top it off.

raWfodog36d ago

No surprise there since most DLCs require a certain amount of playthrough in the main story in order to access it.


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DarXyde4d ago

"Which ray tracing is better?" between a PC with dynamic hardware optimized for super sampling and console with far more static, finite ressources, summed up in a video:


anast4d ago

$500 PS5 vs $500 PC? PS5 of course.

TheNamelessOne4d ago

Up front. Factor in paying more for games, add in needing to pay for online. By the end of the generation you paid more for your console than a better PC, without any of the luxuries that a PC offers. I mean, you get the box upfront for cheaper. Sure.

Babadook74d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The only way PC saves on games is if you pirate. Buying discs and reselling them (on ps5) is cheaper than steam gmg etc.

anast3d ago

Renting games on Steam is not a good deal.


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