Konami apologizes for MGS: Master Collection and asks fans to decide its fate

Konami have apologised for Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection's performance, and have asked fans to decide on the series' fate.

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Jingsing41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Release it again properly on disc or a two disc set with the second volume which you should do correctly this time. That also doesn't mean bundling the old disc release with volume 2 either. Proper release with all the patched data on disc and no region locked versions of MGS1 only available via download.

Cacabunga40d ago

I like their spirit tbh.. looks like they want to get closer to the fans, which is nice..
a big patch to begin with and i would buy it.

Or how about MGS: Rising remaster/remake/sequel… anyone?

just_looken40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

If only they listed to kojima let him use the fox engine to enhance the games bring them up to new consoles.

Right now performance is nothing compared to no keyboard/mouse support the digital extras need internet as they are online pdf's and the game itself has has stuff taken out nothing story just over time they lost the right to non story related Easter eggs material.

Oh also lets not forget mgs2 is on pc via gog has mouse/keyboard support with all content then you got mgs1 via duckstation running awesome on pc.

I mean dam only thing better was the mgs4 hd map upgrade


Oh i forgot the games do not even have widescreen support heck not even a proper graphics settings menu.

Jingsing40d ago

I'm actually starting to question if it is even worth it for Konami to do a volume 2. I know they are desperate these days but my impression is the first collection didn't sell well and got a bruising. Second volume would require more work and as with all these volume releases the second and third always sell less.

just_looken40d ago


Good point they hate doing real work for video games and its been so long wonder if they kept the source material.

Remember silent hill they tossed the collection to there singstar dev team with no source code no support and the notes were still in japanese.

So far they just copied/pasted kojima and his teams work for a real remake of the older titles heck mgs4 that would be years of work.

Yi-Long41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Everything on disc and Japanese audio plus English subs would be nice. It's nice that they apologize and state an intent to do better, but honestly this kind of quality-control should have been done in-house during the decision-making process, before release.

outsider162441d ago

Get back to the drawing board and either remaster properly or just remake it it.

ANIALATOR13641d ago

Remaster every game yourself. Don't just port the Bluepoint versions of MGS2/3. Because even those weren't 100% perfect. They were still missing some effects in cutscenes for example. Just take absolute care with them and take your time to make sure you release something that pays reverence.

Razzee40d ago

Honestly, what's the point of a PS5 physical disc, while restricting the PS4 edition only to Europe?

Since the PS4 ver. upgrades for free to the PS5 ver, only PS4 copies should be made available.

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OtterX7h ago

For me, these Mario + Rabbids games were the best thing Ubisoft has developed in recent years. I'd hate to see Ubisoft drive the series into the ground like their other properties, so I think 2 games are enough. Maybe 1 more.

XiNatsuDragnel5h ago

Good luck in your future endeavors

Hotpot4h ago

Thank you for Mario + Rabbids series, I quite enjoyed it

Einhander19724h ago

Great games, I have wanted Sony to copy these games with their own mascots for years.

DefaultComment58m ago

I think Nintendo has to hire this guy, I mean the fact that miuamoto himself said to him that he is impressed with this work, speaks volumes. Th possibility on having Mario on Soliani's hand could be incredible and quite possibly a new era for Mario games.

OtterX31m ago(Edited 30m ago)

Yea, these games didn't even feel Ubisoft at all. This felt very authentic Nintendo. This guy's direction is obviously stellar, and Ubisoft somehow managed to not kill it with microtransactions and repetitive, boring tasks.


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