Starfield review bombed over £9 quest that takes 15 minutes to finish

Bethesda surprised fans with mod support and a free quest in Starfield, but the mission cost 700 credits to continue and fans are not happy.

purple10141d ago

somebody call animal protection services, Microsoft are trying to flog a dead horse

just_looken40d ago

Love this site

Fallout 76/fallout 4/skyrim all had bs paid mods far worse than this

But oh no bethdesda are saints they never screw over the customer its that evil Microsoft that is causing this.

Chevalier40d ago

So you're saying the $3 trillion company can't change that about the company they OWN? Sorry that's absolutely 💯 idiotic.

just_looken40d ago


I am saying bethdesda has been doing shady tactics screwing over its fan's for a decade +

I did not add elder scroll's online or the fact they like blizzard own anything you make with there mod tool's.

There was backlash but never mainstream week long just a little blimp here/there then Microsoft buys them now everything is exposed portrayed as if this big evil corporation has corrupted our poor tod boo that evil ms.

abstractel40d ago

This site is really skewed against Microsoft and they deserve a lot of it but to say that this is new and is caused by Microsoft is not realizing Bethesda's history. Anyone remember the $15 horse armor that was at the beginning of micro-transactions that pissed everyone off way, way before Microsoft was involved?

S2Killinit40d ago

Stupidest comment. So it’s not MS fault then? Is that what you are trying to tell us?

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Kados40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

MS is not doing anything, and that is the problem. Bethesda is stubborn and lazy, and MS has a policy of not interfering with their studios for the most part, but in this case they need to just play the bad cop, and start regulating on Bethesda.

just_looken40d ago

Mat booty is in charge right now he issued refund's for redfall dlc laid off that dev team and is overseeing the starfield updates.

October of last year is when after 3years they took the rains away so 2024 is when we can say yes that was M$

But the whole paid mods are bs deal screwing over customers and overpriced dlc to content available that has been bethdesda for many many years now.

Bathyj41d ago

Dollars to minutes, that's like 4 times worse than Hellblade 2.

Cacabunga41d ago

Blame those sheep who bought these quests

DaCajun40d ago

You know what is ridiculous? The same people complaining about this probably paid $20 or more for a skin in other games.

MrDead41d ago

This is the only Bethesda RPG that I haven't finished and have very little interest in returning too. Over priced MTs aren't going to make this game fun

just_looken40d ago

I fired it up yesterday beyond the need for a bethdesda account to access the mod section the game is the same after all the patches.

But the whole customize you hub on your ship the game gives 0 clue how i had to look it up you pull up your scan tool when in a empty hab i am like scan tool? what button is that again. Five minutes later ohh ok that button

Then i saw 0 addition the same crap same issue from day one and the items but now they just break landing/flying its a gltich fuck fest. If you ever built in one of those pointless homes you can do that in your ship with all the same issues hazahh

So do not worry take it from someone that has over 200hours has not finished the campaign the only good thing the added was a map that has icons and the main mission if i can't go to sleep or have to much energy they are still so bad i passout with in the first section so now that its performance issues are fixed i can load one up much quicker cheap knock out device right there.

jwillj2k441d ago

“Bethesda surprised fans with mod support”

This is a joke right??

DarXyde41d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they start disabling mods on older titles to push people toward Starfield?

dumahim41d ago

Not really. Whenever they update the game, it will break any mods that touch something that was patched in any way. The mods can be updated to work again, but that might not happen if the mod maker has moved on.
They're not patching the game with the intent to break mods, it's just collateral damage from the update process. They're more concerned with what they're doing, not the community.

Relientk7741d ago

Deservingly so. Don't support Bethesda's greedy practice

OlderGamer1741d ago

So don't support MS for theyr greedy practice besause Bethesda is owned by MS. You better call a horse a horse

TheColbertinator41d ago

Bethesda was doing this before they got bought out by Microsoft. Skyrim was the first game to get Creation Club and since then opened up a can of worms. They also started the horse armor debacle back in 2006 which began this entire mess in the first place.

jznrpg40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Bethesda was doing this before the purchase but because of these practices MS wanted to buy them. MS can’t make enough money selling games but they think they can with MT’s and paid dlc, passes etc. This is what you get with your “free game rental service” aka Gamepass