Get Star Wars Battlefront 2 Free on Prime Gaming: Epic Battles Await

Get Star Wars Battlefront 2 Free on Prime Gaming: Dive into Epic Battles and Iconic Heroes!

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ActualWhiteMan30d ago

2005 Version...

How generous 😒


Star Wars Battlefront 3: Is There Still Hope For A New Game?

Is Star Wars Battlefront 3 coming? Well, the correct answer is yes, no and maybe. It’s been six years since the second instalment, and fans are still waiting for confirmation of another sequel.

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anast212d ago

Game companies are not mature enough to handle this concept without turning it into a casino.

shadowknight203212d ago

The remakes of battlefront should have been more simular to the originals. CoD/battlefield reskinned as Star Wars was not the anwser.


Star Wars: Battlefront II - Celebrating 18 Years of Galactic Warfare

Celebrating 18 years of 'Star Wars: Battlefront II', a game that defined a generation. Dive into its legacy, success, and enduring appeal in the Star Wars gaming universe

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mastershredder255d ago

Remembering or celebrating? It's Halloween yo, that's what people are celebrating.

franwex253d ago

The first game was really fun. I remember being disappointed with this one when it first released.

I went back last month actually, and had more fun than when released-but I still think the first one is superior. Do like the soundtrack!

ThichQuangDuck515d ago

To think of all the characters we have been asked to kill since No Russian

515d ago