Xbox’s ‘South Of Midnight’ Is Renewing My Faith In Video Games

The games industry has seen a lot of strife in recent years, namely in the form of mass lay-offs, unfathomable studio shutterings and the seemingly unwillingness (at least by out-of-touch higher-ups) to seriously invest in any project that isn’t a dull, predictable sequel or a live service money-printing monstrosity.

However! There’s some light at the end of this dark digital tunnel—possibly.

MrDead9d ago

"The games industry has seen a lot of strife in recent years, namely in the form of mass lay-offs, unfathomable studio shuttering" ... A big part thanks Microsoft's industry consolidation, but do carry on kissing their behind Forbes.

Obscure_Observer8d ago

Looks fantastic!

The art style, the stop-motion cutscenes, fluid and smooth gameplay and combat at the top of gorgeous deep south´s biomes and cultural influence is just brilliant.

Compulsion Games is definitely one of the most creative studios at XGS right now.

Here´s hoping MS won´t f* with them like they did to Tango.

S2Killinit8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Looks ok. Not great, but ok. As long as the story is good, its all groovy.

4Sh0w8d ago

Sounds fanboy-ish. I never get to high or low about gaming. The doom n gloom is always blown out of proportion. I don't cry for *great devs, they are always in short supply, so one companies loss is another companies win. As long as there are gamers with a coin in their pocket there will be new games for sale. We should all want better for this industry BUT gamers are waaay to sensitive to every little bump in the road. Honestly if you just buy what you like (or sub it, lol) then more goodness will keep coming, unless of course it's not profitable but OK that's life, supply & demand.

Tacoboto8d ago

That's not the fault of Compulsion, the developers of this.

And it's not like Sony (in their most-profitable generation ever) is avoiding layoffs or studio closures either.

MrDead8d ago

Never said it was, I just found it funny that MS firing thousands and closing Tango is being praised here.

Tacoboto8d ago

Reported for Spam.

That's a delusional take and you cannot legitimately believe they've even once been praised for that.

DaCajun8d ago

There needs to be a "fanboy troll" flag review button on this site.

Nothing worse than comments from fanboy trolls that go into articles for games or platforms that they have no interest in playing or buying just to spread their biased hate and ignorance.

itsmebryan8d ago


So, it's Microsoft's fault that Sony
or anyone else closes studios, lays off people, and canceled games. I couldn't figure it out until you explained it .


milohighclub8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Blame everything on m$

MrDead8d ago

Spending almost $80 billion to consolidate a massive part of the industry, having to fire thousands and close down one of your most celebrated studios because of greed is very much the fault of MS... oh and lets not forget no new games come form MS mergers but we have lost some because of it.

Lay all the praise on the devs but MS and Xbox deserve zero.

DiRtY8d ago

So is MS to blame for Bungie / Sony layoffs?
Epic Games layoffs?
EA layoffs?

Jesus, stop it.

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Pepsi_Man30009d ago

Always me me chuckle seeing people say "X game is restoring my faith in games. It's not like the usual stuff. It's creative and risky" etc etc. Like I get it. It's always great to see something new, creative, uncommon. But it just seems odd how they make it sound like games like this just hardly exist anymore. We still get plenty of these kinds of games

Zeref8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Different people will have different reactions. Maybe they didn't play any game that is like South of Midnight.

I have had this same reaction when I played Ori for the first time. But I haven't played Hollow Knight for example and that's supposedly similar. Maybe other people felt the same with Hollow Knight.

ravens528d ago

Seems a lot like Kena. Looks like a great game and I want to play it. But no, it's not doing anything new from what I saw.

rlow18d ago

I think you miss the point, it’s not that it brings anything completely new in terms of gameplay. But the art style and the cultural undertones of a New Orleans style characters. Makes for a new IP that looks refreshingly different from anything leader out there.

darthv729d ago

someone on youtube called it Bayounetta... clever. It does look interesting though.

robtion8d ago

I like the art style. A little concerned about how the story and tone might turn out as Sweet Baby Inc is involved in developing it. That seems like a bit of a red flag.
'We worked on: Story development, Scriptwriting, Cultural & Character Consultation'

MontyeKristo6d ago

Who are they and why is it a concern to you?

repsahj8d ago

More like Kena made by DreamWorks rather than Pixar. XD

crazyCoconuts9d ago

From the trailer doesn't seem like my kinda game

Friendlygamer9d ago

Personally I really dislike this "low framerate" animation style that was popularized by the spider man cartoon movies

Zeref8d ago

It's called stopmotion and it's been popular way before Spiderman.

ChasterMies8d ago

For animation it’s called “animation”.

Friendlygamer8d ago

That's not stop motion, neither is spider man