Finally, Xbox convinced me Game Pass is a must-have

This year's Xbox Showcase had plenty of standout titles, and it's finally been enough to sway me on Game Pass.

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Obscure_Observer9d ago

"They absolutely crushed with GP"


It only got better and better over the years as more and more quality AAA games from both first and third party are coming to Gamepass day one!

Like I said before, Gamepass is just too good to be truth.

Silly Mammo9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

If Xbox had an infomercial, Obscure wouldn't be the pitchman, he would be the guy who's astonished at all the wondrous things the product can do.
"Wait. So you're telling me all these games come to GP day one? And all I have to do is pay a monthly subscriber fee?..."

dekke9d ago


how u arent banned here yet ? :D

4Sh0w9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

GP easily continues to be the best deal in gaming for me. If you'd told me 10 yrs ago I'd be able to play all these indie, retro and $60, $70 new realeased games on DAY 1, now including COD for a very reasonable sub fee I would of said wth you been smoking?...but here we are. I'm luving GP.

Charal9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

GP is killing your beloved studios and game development budgets. You are killing your hobby. But hell, as you fanboys are delusional it is useless to discuss, even after all what happened this year
So yeah, continue to enjoy your “best deal ever”. At some point of time, you will get what you pay for , no more, no less, like in every other business.

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InUrFoxHole9d ago

Which of the following applies most to you?
1. You'd rather pay full price for a game to support the company and devs
2. Prefer physical media
3. Are a troll

StormSnooper9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

4. None of those. It’s pure math for me. For me, it doesn’t make financial sense because I end up wanting games that are not on offer.

Since my time is valuable, and I have limited time to play, I would end up paying more by being subscribed AND purchasing at least two games per year that are not offered on service. I would still be playing the same amount of gaming, but paying more if I’m subscribed to gamepass.

StormSnooper9d ago

Also, as to this ridiculous article:

This author saw a showcase filled with multiplatform games, and decided to buy gamepass? How many of these games are even releasing at the moment? He would probably be waiting many months for each of them. It’s just a stupid article at best, or worse, it’s banking on peoples’ stupidity. Just saying.

InUrFoxHole9d ago

I hear you man GP isn't for everyone. Good to have options. I've seen some just come and go as they please when the games are right for them. Glad they haven't blocked that option

CobraKai9d ago

1, 2, but i agree with Storm Snooper. Financially it’s better for me to buy games than pay for game pass. When i had GP from MS’ trial offers or $1 for a month deal, i barely used it and when i did it was for 1 game. A lot of these games coming are going in my collection to be played and replayed when i can.

Profchaos9d ago

Yeah I'll take 2 Number 9's, a number 9 large, number 6 with extra dip

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XiNatsuDragnel9d ago

Gamepass is dependent on the games you see if you don't like them too bad.

Sonic18819d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Basically. What I do is if I don't have enough Microsoft points, I just sign-up for a month on PC, depending on if there's a game that I'm interested in. Once I beat the game I unsubcribe before the month is over. When I played Hellblade 2 I actually had enough points in my account to play that game for free. Sometimes when you're about to unsubcribe Microsoft will give you a free month to stay subscribe. That's how it works on PC. I can't speak on Xbox gamepass. I like the fact you can cancel the month to month subscription anytime or turn off the payment option. But you're still saving money instead of paying $70 dollars for a game

crazyCoconuts9d ago

From a PC perspective at $120/year if it includes COD which I would normally pay for every year, hell yeah it's a bargain.
On console it's not quite as great + $204/year (core is overpriced to subsidize GP)

Snookies129d ago

You can buy Game Pass Ultimate on sale too. CDKeys has 3 month cards constantly on sale. I got multiple of the 3 month ones for like $23 each. That's $8 a month. Which is an incredible value, I don't care who you are.

ChiefofLoliPolice9d ago

"which is a incredible value" yeah to you. With that price that's pretty good cheap way to get gamepass but that's still dependent on if the games on gamepass are even worth it you.

crazyCoconuts9d ago

True. I just don't usually take the sometimes dubious deals into account because ymmv on that stuff. Just looked there today for PC GamePass and the deal only worked for new users

DivineHand1258d ago

Exactly, if pricing is an issue there is always a way to get a subscription cheaper. I even see 1 month gamepass deals under $5 sometimes. This is the power of giving customers options while on PlayStation, PSN essential on sale is $65. Gone are the days when I could buy the annual membership for $45 on Black Friday or during days of play. My subscription has lapsed and I will not be renewing. I am also looking into building a more powerful PC one part at a time.

ChasterMies9d ago

$204 for Game Pass Ultimate is a lot to ask. As a frugal gamer, I can get a lot for my money by waiting for games to go on sale. I know a lot of gamers want day one released, but I think anyone willing to spend that much on Game Pass already has it. I also think that if Game Pass starts eating into Microsoft’s 1st party game sales, then Microsoft will delay Game Pass releases or jack up the price. We’re still in new territory, so we’ll see.

MrDead9d ago

You're forgetting the other costs, studios like Tango being closed and thousands losing their jobs.

blacktiger7d ago

you don't own it and there for you cant sell it either, digital games should be able to transfer ownership too

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Eonjay9d ago

With the acquisitions MS has made, they have more than enough content to support GamePass. And with the addition of Call of Duty, we can finally see if GamePass can attract enough subscribers to be solvent and profitable in the long run.

crazyCoconuts9d ago

Even after Netflix's meteoric ride, there was a reconciliation of price increases and expense reduction after the growth tapered off. Are we thinking this could precipitate such a rise for GP?

Eonjay9d ago

Exactly. Honestly I don't belive it can. But they will try and they do have the ability to provide content assuming that was gonna open the door to more subs.