PlayStation Allegedly Has Major Games From First Party Studios Set For Release In 2025

PlayStation allegedly has multiple major games from first party studios scheduled for release in the year 2025.

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purple1019d ago

better be early 2025, well, we already know they got one coming march as they said so themselves, but we don't know which one,

everyone better get out the release window of GTA6 or expect half the sales you would have got,
that is of course, unless your game it totally different /. not appealing to the masses, such as a driving sim, beat-em'up or something else niche.

jznrpg9d ago

Good games are worth waiting for just like anything else that’s good.

S2Killinit9d ago


Also, I was certain that PlayStation was keeping things close to the chest because it wanted for MS to show their hand.

Sgt_Slaughter9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

- Owners of PS5s who are realizing 2024 is empty

S2Killinit9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

What do you mean? So far in 2024 PS5 is the only one with actual released exclusives… 🤦

tay87019d ago

Was about to say the same thing. They better have these games roll out the 1st half of the yr. They don't want to be anywhere near GTA6. We saw what happened to forbidden west when it launched near elden ring. Guarantee once Rockstar announces the date, studio after studio will be delaying or moving up their games if they are in the same window.

just_looken9d ago

Not only that but 2025 seems to be a plugged year alot of games are coming out like doom.

Not to mention we are getting into the next gen waters no doubt next year there will be talk of playstation 6 hardware with games going there that are in development.

In 4 months time we will officially be finished 4 out of 7 years of the current generation lifespan.

shinoff21838d ago

So this gen is only 7 years. Thanks for letting us know

Crows908d ago

This gen has barely kicked off...

just_looken8d ago

Looks like childern are here

2000 xbox
2005 360
2013 xbox one
2020 series console

1994 ps1
2000 ps2
2006 ps3
2013 ps4
2020 ps5

Oh right you think sony cares about its customers and not the schedule they have been keeping for decades.

outsider16249d ago

God of war and Rdr2 released the same year..bought both of them.

itsmebryan8d ago

I like how the put "allergy " in the title. So, Sony had nothing this year and no one knows about next year.

ChasterMies8d ago

February and March have become too crowded. Spread out releases throughout the year.

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neutralgamer19929d ago

How is this news? Offcourse they do because we haven't heard from many in a while. Playstation can get easy good PR sand make gamers happy by doing small things. Hold a one 1 and half hour showcase and show these games

Killzone trilogy remastered with MP for PS5/PC
Infamous 1-2 HD on PS5/PC

Gameplay for wolverine
Whatever the 2nd team at guerrilla are working
Rumored sly game or GOT2
Cory Barlog's new game teaser
Bluepoint games teaser
Returnal studio's next game teaser
Death stranding 2 trailer

If you really want to go crazy get with R* and get a new trailer for GTA6

-Foxtrot9d ago

The real question is if they do have multiple games releasing are their other studios or back up plans being made behind the scenes so we aren’t waiting years for them to create the next batch of games after 2025

We don’t want to be the same situation again and I’d be annoyed if Sony hasn’t learnt their lesson

Eonjay9d ago

I would hope so. They need to be on a better rotation so that if games take 5 years to make we can expect something every 2 to 3 years. I think this cadence would satisfy everyone.

fsfsxii8d ago

You’d complain either way.

-Foxtrot8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Mate you need to shut up with some of your comments and the way you speak to people on here it’s just really bad.

At least I’m on topic with any gaming news, you’re just an asshole to people where you spend most of your comments calling a user than the gaming news being talked about.

How many Spam or Inappropriate comments have you been marked down as now? Yeah exactly, so maybe go learn some basic manners or something.

Rainbowcookie8d ago

I think is why we are seeing some deals where we have some 3rd party games releasing on Ps5 to fill the 2024 hole.

PapaBop9d ago

My mate's uncle's nephew works at Sony and gave me the inside scoop, allegedly they have third party games releasing in 2025 as well!

romulus239d ago

I can clear this up it's his friends uncles sister or bothers son.

jznrpg9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

The guy I know said games are coming 2025,2026 2027,2028 and PS6 around the laters years as well. Shh it’s a secret

Relientk779d ago

Not gonna lie you had me in the first half lol