Woodrunner Games Reveal Teaser - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024

The Summer Showcase wrapped up with a taste of what’s to come from Woodrunner Games, an indie studio featuring developers who worked on Cuphead and Rick and Morty. The game will be fully revealed later this year, so keep your eye on the studio’s social channels and website for more.


Sukeban Games Announces Spiritual Successor to Parasite Eve

Venezuelan indie developer Sukeban Games has revealed their latest project, a spiritual successor to the cult classic Parasite Eve, .45 PARABELLUM BLOODHOUND

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Chocoburger1d 18h ago

Most indie 'spiritual successor games' miss the mark, but hopefully this one will land. Good luck.


Bethesda Game Studios developers form 'wall to wall' union

The Fallout and Elder Scrolls developer is a union shop now.

porkChop22h ago

That's good to see. For the last 5-10 years every spring the gaming industry has seen mass layoffs after reporting record profits. It's disgusting. This industry needs more unionization to offer some protection to the people who make these games possible.

MrDead9h ago

It's too late for Tango and Arkane Austin but fingers crossed that this will help. MS could have a friend in the White House soon though, and his thoughts on Union's should be worrying all in the US.

MeteorPanda9h ago

GOOD. Stop taking it in the ass from shareholders "we want a space game" but our fans want elderscrolls "YES BUT SPACE IS HUGE LOOK AT STAR CITIZEN!"

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Conscript Review - Real-Life Horror That's Not Easy to Stomach - Last Word On Gaming

Survival horror and World War I provide quite the uneasy combination. Find out why in this review of indie historical horror "Conscript."

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