Are they gay...?

Zelda's fairy obsessed Tingle is gay. No question. But how about Gears of War's gruff and brutish Marcus Fenix or God of War's one man massacre machine, Kratos? Here are five popular gaming heroes that we think show signs of covert - and not so covert - campness. Could they be gay...?

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ElementX5567d ago (Edited 5567d ago )

I can honestly say that I don't think about characters as [email protected] or straight, unless they're one of the flamboyant types, then you can't help but notice. However, I think people are just looking beyond the scope of the games and the characters within them. I never played Gears of War or Dead Rising thinking of homosexual themes, nor would I think too deeply about such things. Trying to interpret the dialog and actions of fictional characters just shows that you have too much time on your hands and you ask too many "what if...?" questions.

InMyOpinion5567d ago

Homophobic thoughts? That's what the article indicates to me.

TheGoodMART5567d ago

hell yea he's [email protected] just look at the photo

techie5567d ago

Lol indeed. Kratos? Nahhh. etcccc... they don't have sexualities cause they dont have sex, because they don't have genitals - do you think game designers design private parts under the characters clothes. lol mope.

True Gamer5567d ago (Edited 5567d ago )

This [email protected] story got approved but my Killzone vs Halo 3 feature story didn't?


joemutt5567d ago

Your story would have attracted the usual fanboy comments and insults that we are all used to around here.

But this one could attract fanboy comments and insults of a different nature. The kind we dont need at this site.

VirtualGamer5567d ago

Sad that this even made the news

Even more sad is that this is now the top news story for the PS3 section.

I like alot about the new site, but seems how articles are approved /not approved needs some work.

f41c0n5567d ago

I can't believe that this was approved.

Drew5567d ago

Agreed. Whoever is approving things right now is uh... a little off their rocker. Yay for retarded stories and things we've known for months!

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The story is too old to be commented.