PSP copied

A Chinese company has released a new China only handheld console which has a striking resemblance to the PSP. I think it may be common in China to copy popular console designs as I remember seeing a console which looked a lot like the DS.

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FamoAmo5818d ago

I think the company is releasing the thing a little late!! The demand for the DS is too strong and this thing don't stand a chance!!

Darth Gamer5818d ago

This does'nt only happen in China. I believe it happens quite often in Japan too. (Cough.. Sony...Cough) Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Shadow Flare5818d ago

what is THAT?! haha, thats the most obvious copy of a psp. Who's the stupid company that did that? You can guarentee it does nothing the psp can do aswell lol. geez, talk about not putting any effort into design...

Lucidmantra5817d ago

from the site:

No UMD here, friends, just good old intellectual piracy. The DEC PMP MVX430 has 256MB of memory, an SD card slot, video and image recording, four hours of audio recording, and it can display video, images, and play games. I’m wondering if DEC noticed that the buttons look a little familiar and if this will ever hit the States. No price, but I think that’s the least of our worries.

PS360PCROCKS5817d ago

lmao lame! that things butt ass ugly, geesh, it looks cheap as hell too